Yup. A serious, trained qualified cook is going to talk about Ketchup. Or Catchup, or Catsup, or Ketjap, or Kê-chiap, or even Kyo Jip. However you spell it, linguists and culinarians agree: The rich, thick, sweet-sour red sauce has a long and intriguing history.Read More →

Tourtière - © 2013

I think most of us are just about recovered from the annual end-of-year holiday frenzy. I remember the last two weeks of December and the first week of January mainly as a festive blur. And do you know what I completely forgot?Read More →

Classic Marinara Sauce - ©

Contrary to popular belief, Tomatoes are native to the New World and Asia. They were “discovered” by the Spanish Conquistadors in the 16th century and subsequently spread around the world, to Europe in the West. Some, however, maintain that Marco Polo brought them back to Italy from China… Read More →

Ian Rothwell, Naga Chili Slayer, and Chef Muhammed Karim, Bindi

Now, another intrepid Brit Chef, Muhammed Karim, kitchen boss at Bindi in Grantham, Lincolnshire, has created a “chili challenge” based on the infamous Ghost Pepper. It’s a Chicken Curry officially titled “Naga Infiniti”, but back in the kitchen, they call it “The Widower”.Read More →

Moms Mac and Cheese - © 2014

Everybody loves Mac & Cheese. There are as many M&C recipes and variations as there are people who make it so well that they end up being asked to make it often! And it’s easy enough to make that you can add it to your suppertime menu on the spur of the moment!Read More →