Well… Robbie Burns Day – a Scottish national celebration – was observed in our house this past weekend as usual. But, for the first time, we had a real, home-made Haggis! If you’re so inclined, you can have one, too! Start planning now for January 25 next year…Read More →

UPDATED January 26/27, 2014 – Lovers of British foods will be dismayed to know that some of their favourites – true tastes of home from ol’ Blighty – have been declared unsafe for Canadian consumption by Canadian Food Inspectors. But ‘Canadian versions’ of some are still available…Read More →

Okay… We’ve recently heard that Pork prices will continue to soar this coming year. That means even higher prices for smoked and cured Pork products. So, how’s the average red-blooded Canadian going to get their Bacon fix without breaking the bank, eh? The good old DIY way – that’s how!Read More →