McDonald's Breakfast Burrito - Key - © McDonald's Restaurants

McDonald’s News: Here comes All-Day Breakfast!

We’ve been telling you to look out for this potentially habit-warping development for months, now – ever since McDonald’s first revealed plans to change it’s menus and service schedules radically in search of a bigger slice of the Fast Food pie. Now it appears that All-Day Breakfast is finally here…

McDonald's Breakfast Burrito - © McDonald's RestaurantsOne of McDonald’s newest and most popular Breakfast items, the Breakfast Wrap.

Back in the spring, we told you McDonald’s was laying the groundwork for massive changes to its menus and service schedules – including extending Breakfast throughout the day. They’ve been losing Breakfast business to competitors while hearing louder and louder pleas from their stalwart customers to keep serving Breakfast beyond the late morning ‘deadline’, when they’ve traditionally retooled their kitchens for Burger service the rest of the day.

We also told you, a few months ago, why it takes so long for McD’s to change anything about the resto chain: it’s just so huge, it takes months or even years to rejig supply lines or equipment layouts across that vast empire. Like trying to turn an ocean liner…

Pulling out the stops…

But it seems that the Burger giant has pulled out all the stops to implement All-Day Breakfast which is apparently seen as the move than can most quickly turn their sales picture around. They’ve had seven consecutive fiscal quarters showing year-over-year losses. That’s unprecedented and very troubling for McDonald’s shareholders. Not to mention the company’s top execs who are responsible for maintaining and building value for their shareholders.


In a quiet announcement via the corporate twitter account earlier this week, McDs revealed that All-Day Breakfast will be served starting October 16 at its 14,300 U.S. outlets. We assume other North American markets will follow suit shortly thereafter.

We’ll keep you posted. Literally.

~ Maggie J.