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“I Love Saturated Fat!”

The other day, just for the heck of it, sister Erin Googled ‘I love saturated fat!” She wasn’t expecting to get the search results that came up. And I’ll bet you’ll be amazed by them, too. If you’ve been agonizing over the health consequences of eating too much fat, you may be relieved…

How the times have changed - © drjockers.comHow the times have changed! Yet many people still believe that saturated fat
is a direct cause of heart disease and stroke.

Here’s a selection of the top, first-page search results…

…and I especially liked:

In the latter post, the author – an MD – reasserts the current (but often neglected) wisdom that dietary intake of cholesterol has no correlation to blood cholesterol. It’s mainly a hereditary predisposition toward the body producing too much LDL, or ‘bad’ cholesterol that condemns many of us to coronary artery disease in our later years. Of course, exercise and other healthy habits can help ameliorate arterial plaque buildup…

Among the benefits touted for saturated fat in our diet, I especially enjoyed learning that:

  • Diets High in Saturated Fat Are Good For Weight Loss
    “These diets are fattening… but it’s because they usually contain sugar and refined carbs as well, NOT just a lot fat. Diets that are high in fat but also low in carbs actually have the opposite effect. Low-carbohydrate diets, which are usually high in saturated fat, actually make you lose MORE weight than diets that are low in fat. They also improve ALL biomarkers of health much more than low-fat diets.”

…and hearing a universal truth reaffirmed:

  • Saturated Fat Tastes Amazing
    Bacon, cheese, meat, eggs, butter… a life rich in saturated fat sure as hell beats a life without it.

I encourage you to explore the world of guilt-free saturated fat! And shed your attendant fears and loathings!

And, while’ you’re at it, add a long walk every day to your personal routine – with or without a dog!

~ Maggie J.