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I Missed ‘National Grilled Cheese Day’!

I can’t believe I missed it! Yesterday was National Grilled Cheese Day and I missed it! One of my most fave things on a plate and I missed it! Well, I’ll try to make amends with a belated post covering the highlights and pass on some tips for creating your own perfect Grilled Cheese…

Classic Grilled Cheesed - with Bacon - © bettycrocker.comClassic Grilled Cheese with Bacon! Add a Bowl of Soup and a small Salad
and you’ve got the most nutritious meal you could ever make
in under 10 minutes!

I may have missed it,but the Cheese Industry sure didn’t!

In fact, Kraft Heinz went to the trouble to conduct a survey on Canadians’ Grilled Cheese preferences and practices. Canadians weighed in on basic issues such as what they put on their Grilled Cheese, aside from Cheese, what they dip it in, how often they make it and which population centres love their Grilled Cheese the most. Apropos of that, Montreal were found to love their Grilled Cheese the most and Ottawans claimed they loved it the least. Of course, as an Ottawan who adores Grilled Cheese, I have to assume that many sedate, distinguished Ottawa residents simply demurred from admitting how much they love Grilled Cheese. Who couldn’t love Grilled Cheese? Crusty old politicians and civil servants, maybe? Nah. I don’t believe it…

But the Survey also asked some – ahem! – more intimate questions about our Grilled Cheese Habits. Some of the highlights include:

  • 3 of 4 central Canada residents share their love of grilled cheese by preparing one for a significant other
  • 4 in 10 Canadians would prefer if their partner loved grilled cheese
  • 7 in 10 Canadians have prepared a grilled cheese for a significant other
  • If someone made them a grilled cheese on a date, 22% of Canadians would go on a second date while 7% would be cheesed off.

Some tips for great Grilled Cheese!

I would first point you to my Valentine’s Day post which suggested ‘doing it up to the hilt’. (See the subhead For Instance, about half way down the page.) here’s a guide to developing your Grilled Cheese sense; a feel for the food which will let your imagination suggest an unending stream of great, yummy, wild & crazy Grilled Cheese ideas.

  • Change up the Bread
  • Change up the Cheese
  • Use a blend of Cheeses
  • Add Bacon, Cold Cuts, Sautéed Veggies, Hot Peppers or other stuff
  • Try Mac & Cheese between the Bread
  • Set the Ketchup aside and try other Condiments. I know some Grilled Cheese aficionados who swear by Mustard and consider Ketchup fans barbarians!

Embrace your Grilled Cheese!

Grilled Cheese, with a Bowl of Soup and a small Salad on the side is one of the most satisfying, nurtritious meals you could ever make yourself in under 10 minutes. Do it more often! And be prepared to share your discoveries next National Grilled Cheese Day…

~ Maggie J.