Scalloped Potatoes - Sm - © Flavour Mosaic

I was at the hair dresser’s getting my ‘once in a while’ colour touchup not long ago and the operator at the next station over – everyone there knows I’m a Chef – asked me if I had a secret for making Scalloped Potatoes that aren’t runny. I said, I’ve never made runny Scalloped Potatoes in my life!

Grumpy Cat Glamour Shot - © Paul Anderson via flickr

Who among us has not seen a meme online featuring the likeness of the famous Grumpy Cat? And who among us has not wondered how much the iconic feline’s brand is worth? A recently-resolved lawsuit over the commercial use of Grumpy Cat’s likeness gives us an idea…

Tzatziki Sauce

While Sour Cream and Yoghurt based sauces are fairly common on desserts, and as the “dressing” for some Fruit Salads, they are perhaps most closely associated with Mediterranean and Tex-Mex main dishes and sides. But there’s so much more!