Blast From The Past: Dill Pickles

Homemade Garlic Dills - ©

Now, I have previously mentioned that Dill Pickles were not necessarily a staple of the preserve cupboard when my Mom was a little Girl on a farm on the Prairies. But some folks grew Dill in the house garden especially for pickling, and every Mom at that time had her own recipe…

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A Veggie Burger You Will Love!

Luscious Veggie Burger - © BeforeAndAfterTV at YouTube

It’s Burger Season and most of us look forward to a nice, juicy beef Pattie piled high with the traditional garnishes. But some prefer to eat Vegetarian and still others are adamant Vegans. That calls for a really good, tender, flavourful Veggie Burger, which is a rare pleasure, indeed!

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Cos and Effect: A Lettuce Primer

Lettuce - Butterhead - ©

Lettuce is one of the oldest domesticated plants – aside, perhaps, from grains – and it’s one that can be found in almost all major cultures an cuisines. We’ve all eaten at least one Green Salad in our time, and most of us enjoyed it. But there’s a lot more to know about lettuce…

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