White Pepper: Mystery And Magic…

Common Pepper Corns - Detail - © sprinklesandallergies.wordpress.com

Do you know the difference between good old, every-day Black Pepper and its more-exotic cousin, White Pepper? Have you ever used White Pepper in your cooking? If not, you’ve been missing out on one of life’s simple culinary pleasures! Behold the mystery and magic of White Pepper…

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Best Weight-Loss Program EVER!

Olive - © maggiejs.ca

It’s simple, easy and can actually give back to the community. It works no matter what kind of food you eat, as long as you practice moderation (no second helpings) and remain consistent in applying the method. In fact, the ‘method’ will ensure that you apply it consistently. Guessed, yet?

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Holiday Tips: Crispy Skin Every Time!

Christmas Turkey - Key - © - Maggie J's

Is achieving crispy Skin on your Holiday Feast Turkey a hit-and-miss affair? Can’t seem to figure out why you sometimes get the result you want but, other times, get only yellow, rubbery Skin? There are some basic rules to ensure you’ll get beautiful, crispy, golden brown skin on the Bird every time!

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Holiday Treats: Christmas Cake Cookies!

Some folks claim they don’t like Holiday Fruitcake. I say they’re nuts. But that’s not the point. The point is, it’s the texture folks balk at. The word ‘doorstop’ has been used. But the flavours of Christmas Fruit Cake are universally loved! So… What if you could get those flavours in a light, chewy cookie?

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