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Suds Fit For A Queen: Her Majesty’s Home Label!

Well, you knew the Queen was picky about the way her food is prepared and served. And you knew that she has definite culinary likes and dislikes. So I guess it makes sense that Her Majesty would also have some pretty rigid habits surrounding her enjoyment of alcohol…

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Insiders say the Queen enjoys a Gin and Dubonnet cocktail before lunch and a glass of champagne before bed. With various tipples in between, as befits the time of day and or occasion. But she never imbibes to excess, by anybody’s standards.

Former Royal Chef Darren McGrady put the lie to a rash of tabloid newspaper reports a couple of years back, that the Queen drinks a lot more than she really does. McGrady told CNN, “She doesn’t wake up in the morning and have a large gin and tonic,” adding that, when she does splurge on a glass of wine with dinner – only once in while – it will usually be a favorite German sweet wine. “Just in the evening,” he added. “She certainly doesn’t drink four glasses a day.”

But we never took her for a beer fan – until now. In fact, she politely declined a glass of Guinness when she toured the ancient and hallowed Guinness Brewery during a visit to Ireland.

However… We new learn that she does enjoy a glass of suds now and then. And, true to form, she’s also particular about what she drinks. So, she’s commissioned her own quaffs from a local brewery near her country retreat, Sandringham, in county Norfolk.

Celebrating nature

The two new labels are Sandringham Best Bitter (4.5 percent alcohol) and Sandringham Golden IPA (5 percent alcohol), made by local suds purveyor Barsham Brewery. And they’re sold exclusively in the Sandringham Estate gift shop in 500 ml. ‘craft’ bottles for £3.99 (or (US)$5.55).

Acoeding to a shelf card on display at the Gift Shop: ‘Sandringham Best Bitter is a cold filtered traditionally brewed beer. This uniquely natural beer is produced locally by Barsham Brewery using Organic Laureate Spring Barley harvested from the Royal estate, and crystal clear water drawn from a nearby bore hole.’

The Bitter is dressed up with a green label bearing a painting of a Hare (see photo, above). The IPA’s yellow label features a painting of a Pheasant – both species that are found everywhere on the Estate, which is largely composed of farmland and wildwood. It’s also said to be common knowledge in the royal household that the Queen enjoys fresh veggies, fish and pheasant grown on the estate.

The house is generally open from spring to fall, for different periods of time each year as suit Her Majesty. Normally, the queen and her family are only in residence at the Estate over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. But the grounds and surrounding lands are open for visitors to view the famous gardens and trudge the hiking trails through the ancient forests.

Make it a point … or a pint

So make it a point to stop in at the Gift Shop when next you visit Sandringham, and stock up on her Majesty’s own Beer. What a great way to break the ice at any party – regardless how high-and-mighty or common-and-garden the attendees!

~ Maggie J.