2021 Grad Dozen - © 2021 Krispy Kreme

Fast Food Week: Quick Service Resto And Snacks News!

With the institution of new lock-downs against the new COVID-19 variants, and relatively few of us vaccinated against the original virus as yet, it’s back to snack-bunkering in front of the TV for many of  us. The snack makers know it, and they’re pumping out the sugar, salt and fat!

Tim's Mothers Day Book - © Tim HortonsTim’s camouflaged doughnut box – for Mom to hide her
special pastries safe from purloining paws.

SONIC is cues up Twisted Texans

They’re a new Dog and a new Burger, dressed up ready for a Texas hoe-down. The Twisted Texan Cheeseburger starts with a regular beef patty, then adds chili, American (Processed) cheese, and crispy-fried onion strings. The Twisted Texan Footlong Quarter Pound Cone dog sounds eerily familiar, featuring a full 1/4-pound foot-long frank topped with chili, melted cheddar cheese, and crispy onion strings. A nice change from the same-old, same-old the other chains have been pedaling lately.

Mother’s Day Fun at Tim’s

Tim Horton’s is making Mother’s Day a little mysterious with a camouflaged doughnut box for Mom to keep her special pastries safe from purloining paws. It’s a large-ish book-shaped box ‘bound’ in faux black leather with a pompous title engraved on the front… Which is actually hollow and can contain up to 6 doughnuts. Available at selected locations in the Buffalo, Columbus, and Detroit metropolitan areas today and tomorrow. Just ask for the Donut Disguise Box at the counter or drive-thru.

Jazz up up your COVID-crippled grad gratis!

Krispy Kreme is bringing back it’s popular Graduates’ Dozen packs with special ‘Class of 2021’-themed sinkers (see photo, top of page). High School or College grads can receive one free Graduate Dozen original glazed doughnuts when they show up at the store dressed in ‘Class of 2021’ apparel.  No purchase necessary, May 13 only, and only at participating KK stores across the U.S.

Nabisco presents: New Golden Candy Chip Cookies

They’re basically Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies with added Golden Candy Chips. It’s a collab with the upcoming new season of America’s Got Talent! And the golden chips are apparently meant to be a tribute to the show’s Golden Buzzer. There’s also a sweepstakes contest with various prizes, including a year’s supply of Chips Ahoy! cookies and VIP tickets to the America’s Got Talent finale. Enter by scanning the specially-marked packages.

Pillsbury goes pre-historic with Dino-cookies

Pillsbury is rolling out new Dinosaur-shaped Sugar Cookie dough across the U.S. The stuff comes in pre-cut, ready-to bake Stegosaurus and Pterodactyl shapes and is safe to eat raw, as well. Have hours of fun decorating these monstrous munchies! No body knows what colour the dinosaurs really were, so let your imagination go nuts…

Stuffed Marshmallows perfect for popping!

If you’d rather stuff marshmallows than cookies when you watch TV, try the new Puffs Stuffed Cookies n’ Cream poppers. They’re regular vanilla marshmallows stuffed with white creme and ‘chocolate cookie crunch’. That ‘s probably crushed-up chocolate wafer cookies. There’s a lot of that going around in bakery and confection circles these days.

McDonald’s brings back special Slushies for summer

McD’s is bringing back its popular Pink Lemonade and Blue Raspberry Slushies at participating locations for summer 2021. And this year’s there’s also a new new Watermelon Strawberry Slushie, featuring Minute Maid Strawberry Watermelon syrup, to quench your quaff cravings.

Baskin-Robbins feels its oats

BR has declared its new oat milk-based, non-dairy Strawberry Streusel its Flavor of the Month for May, 2021. It’s also the creamery’s latest ‘ice cream alternative’ option. It’s described as smooth like ice cream, but reportedly has a slightly sweeter flavour, from the oat milk base. It gets ‘streusel-fied’ by the addition of strawberry syrup and cr7nchy granola.

And that’s the skinny…

… On what’s going to be making some of us a little fatter over the coming days and weeks. See you back here in 7 for the next edition of Fast Food Week!

~ Maggie J.