Moms Mac and Cheese - © 2014

Everybody loves Mac & Cheese. There are as many M&C recipes and variations as there are people who make it so well that they end up being asked to make it often! And it’s easy enough to make that you can add it to your suppertime menu on the spur of the moment!Read More →

Steak Espagnole - ©

This time out, we’ll leverage everything we’ve learned so far about stocks and thickeners in an exploration of rich, dark, versatile Espagñole Sauce – based on stocks made with roasted bones, and often with tomato product added for extra rich colour and flavour.Read More →

Chicken Veloute - ©

Veloutés are light, silky, sauces based on the light coloured and delicately flavoured stocks made by simmering raw (un-roasted) veal or poultry bones, fish bones or crustacean shells, or your favourite blend of aromatic vegetables.Read More →

Turkey Encore Supreme

It’s the middle of the week after Christmas. You have a ton of leftover Turkey lurking in your fridge, freezer or garage (assuming you live in the Northern Temperate Zone, where Winter actually comes in Winter). What do you do with it?Read More →

Classic Jambalaya - © 2012

Maggie J’s now offers our own hand made, home made New Orleans style Andouille sausage, lightly smoked and ready to star in your next Gumbo, Jambalaya, Etouffée or Crawfish Boil! Many local purveyors of fresh and smoked sausage don’t make Andouille…Read More →