Pot Luck Spread - © ivillage.ca

Don’t Be a Holiday Pot Luck Party Pooper!

I hate Pot Luck Dinners. The main reason is that so many people don’t ask the host what they should bring, or what other guests are bringing. And you end up with four Jellied Salads, six dozen Rolls and a frozen Cocktail Shrimp Ring. Well, now there’s a handy reference to Pot Luck Etiquette!

Pot Luck - © meetup.comA better-then-average Pot Luck Spread: Note the absence of casseroles
and Shrimp Rings!

Noted culinary website Epicurious.com has posted a handy list of ‘holiday pot luck DON’Ts’. But I want to add some DOs to the mix!

  • As I said in the introduction to this post, DO ask the host if there is a theme to the party.
  • DO ask the host what they would like you to bring.
  • DO ask what others are planning to bring, so your contribution can blend smoothly into the overall menu.
  • DO cook your pot luck contribution yourself. But, if you aren’t that great a cook. Buy something well-made and yummy from a good supermarket Prepared Foods department or order as takeaway from a good restaurant. No Shrimp Rings!
  • DO take all due credit for your contribution. But don’t take credit for something you bought-in. Somebody will find out, for sure, and your little white lie will come back to haunt you!
  • DO, if cooking something yourself, remember that not everybody may like the Chili as hot as you do, or the Pickles as sour!
  • DO try t avoid bringing the same old casserole – unless the host requests it!

And that”s just the beginning. A little common sense always goes a long way, when dealing with pot luck conundrums. Oh! One more:

  • DO always bring a bottle of wine or two that will go well with either the overall party theme, your dish in particular, or both!


~ Maggie J.