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New Study: Frying is Healthier than Boiling!

Here’s a story I never, in a million years, thought I’d be posting… But there appears to be real, solid scientific evidence that frying is healthier for you than boiling – at least when it comes to some foods fried in some oils. Hint: You’re especially in luck if you like Asian and Mediterranean food!

Stir Fry on Noodles - © blazinghotwok.comEnjoy your Stir Fry guilt free. Stock up on anti-oxidants and phenolics today!

A new study, published recently in the Journal of Food Chemistry, suggests that Vegetables fried/sautéed in Olive Oil are healthier in a couple of key ways than the same foods boiled in water.

Researchers from the University of Granada found that cooking Veggies in Olive Oil concentrates two beneficial compounds in the food: antioxidants and phenolics. The latter help fight a variety of diseases including cancer, diabetes and macular degeneration.

So, as I said in the teaser paragraph, lovers of Mediterranean foods and Asian Stir Frys are especially in luck. Now… I’d like to see another round of tests using plain old Vegetable Oil, Bacon Fat, Sesame Oil and good old, traditional Kosher Schmaltz (rendered Chicken Fat) to see how they stack up!

~ Maggie J.