McChocolate Spuds - © McDonald's Japan

Menu Madness: McChocolate Potatoes?

As I predicted a couple of years ago, when I inaugurated the ‘Menu Madness’ thread here at the FFB, things just keep getting nuttier and nuttier in the ultra-competitive fast Food Sector. Now, from McDonald’s in Japan – where many zany McTrends are born – it’s Chocolate Fries!

McChocolate Potatoes - © McDonald's JapanThe camera doesn’t lie: In case you were wondering if it was a hoax.
McChocolate Fries. Because every other topping has already been tried?

The Big Question is ‘Why?”

Do Japanese McDevotees have a particularly sharp sweet tooth? Or were all the other possible toppings under the sun tried already? Was this crazy combo taste tested with McDiners before it was launched? Is this new dish intended as a Side, Main or a Dessert? Is it even healthy, at all?

You be the judge.

It all just goes to prove that the fast Food mega-players will go to any ends to differentiate themselves from the competition.

~ Maggie J.