OREO Cookie - Portrait - © 2011 OREO

Even OREO Fears The Competition

Even though OREO may be the world’s most iconic factory-made Cookie, it appears it is not immune to the pressure of competition in an ever-more-crowded market niche. So what do you do to expand your brand’s reach and boost sales? You invade another, neighbouring market niche…

OREO Big Crunch Bar - © Mondelez InternationalHere’s the deluxe, larger OREO Big Crunch Bar. Would you make a point of buying one,
when it premieres in North America in January?

Yup. OREO is now selling a Candy Bar companion featuring Milka Chocolate, one of Europe’s leading brands, with all the yummy Cookies and Creme that goes into OREOs and a bonus Milk Chocolate coating. There’s also a BIG CRUNCH version with a double-dose OREO Cookie core.

Sure, I know that OREO has previously partnered with other confectioners, notably in the Ice Cream sector. But this looks like something more. It’s kind of like a Burger Joint going into the Fried Chicken business – not just a temporary crossover that  benefits both both partners and provides an injection of promotional value. As the picture, above, clearly shows, the candy bars are OREO branded, not Milka ‘with’ OREOs.

The question is…

Will OREO Candy Bars stand the test of time, and make a significant impact on the Candy Bar market niche? And, if so, what next? Will other stressed-out niche-market brands start invading their neighbours’ territory?

In case you didn’t know, OREO was once a brand of Nabisco (once, the National Biscuit Company), which is now owned by Mondelez International, a U.S.-based food brands holding company. Mondelez also owns Milka, along with Toblerone (Chocolate), Cadbury (Chocolate), (Fig) Newtons, Premium (Saltine Crackers), Ritz (Crackers), Triscuit (Crackers), Philadelphia (Cream  Cheese), Dentyne (Gum), Trident (Gum) and Hall’s (Cough Drops).

Will we see OREO Cough Drops in the future? OREO Gum? Fig OREOs? OREO Cream Cheese? Who knows. I think the OREO Candy Bar may be just the first in a long line of brand niche invasions and counter-invasions to come.

When the pressure keeps mounting on a finite, closed space, it’s got to blow eventually. I’ve been predicting it for some time, now. I also predict I’ll never get official credit for my prediction. Such is the lot of the unsung prophet. Sigh.

Oreo Cookie - © Mondelez Intl. 2013Does this image make you hungry? Crave sugar and fat? Give you the jitters?
You’re not alone. There may be millions of people around the world addicted
to OREOs – and a plethora of other high-fat/sugar threats.

I wish I could say I’ve tried OREO Candy Bars, but they won’t be available in North America until January. Nevertheless, I can confidently predict they’ll be as addictive as original OREO Cookies!

~ Maggie J.