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Energy Drinks Wrenching, Addictive!

You may want to think twice before trying one of those so-called ‘Energy Drinks. It seems that the beverages can stress your system badly and can bring long-lasting symptoms, similar to a Sugar or Coffee crash. And, yes, there is an addictive profile to the way folks use these drinks…

The following Infographic details what happens after you drink a Red Bull, Red Rooster, Monster or similar Energy beverage. It ain’t pretty.

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So, technically, Energy Drinks are within the limits recommended by the government and the medicos for daily Caffeine intake. But, because of the crash, a lot of folks chain-guzzle them and end up with an overdose. And it’s deemed a real overdose by the emergency room physicians and others who have to deal with people presenting with Energy Drink-related illnesses. The number of reported cases doubled from 2007 to 2014. Like I said, It ain’t pretty!

~ Maggie J.