Grab the ketchup bottle! We’re taking a joy ride on the Toasted Cheese Express! We’re not only going to look at new things to put in them, but new ways to cook them. And I guarantee everything we make today will be great with our beloved Red stuff!Read More →

Classic Caesar Salad

Okay, now. Before we get into the intricacies of making a genuine Caesar Salad, let’s clarify the origins of this ubiquitous dish. It is not an ancient Italian classic, reputed by some to have been Emperor Julius’ last meal…Read More →

Tourtière - © 2013

I think most of us are just about recovered from the annual end-of-year holiday frenzy. I remember the last two weeks of December and the first week of January mainly as a festive blur. And do you know what I completely forgot?Read More →

Turkey Encore Supreme

It’s the middle of the week after Christmas. You have a ton of leftover Turkey lurking in your fridge, freezer or garage (assuming you live in the Northern Temperate Zone, where Winter actually comes in Winter). What do you do with it?Read More →