Well Behvaved Kids discount

I just have to pass this one on to you! An eatery in the Washing state town of Poulsbo is offering a “Well Behaved Kids” discount to family dining groups. Now, that’s just about the most creative restaurant marketing innovation I’ve heard of in years!Read More →

Mary Poppins was right! A spoonful of sugar does help the medicine go down! Or, as in the tale that follows, a bowlful of frosting. That’s what Laurel, a fifteen-year-old U.S. high school senior, recently banked on when she pondered the pitfalls of various ways to come out to her parents as lesbian…Read More →

Subway "Footlong" an inch short - © Matt Corby

Who among us can truly say they have not been touched, in some way, by the week’s most scandalous food story? I refer to the post by a Subway fan “down under” showing that his “footlong” sandwich came in at only 11 inches.Read More →

Ian Rothwell, Naga Chili Slayer, and Chef Muhammed Karim, Bindi

Now, another intrepid Brit Chef, Muhammed Karim, kitchen boss at Bindi in Grantham, Lincolnshire, has created a “chili challenge” based on the infamous Ghost Pepper. It’s a Chicken Curry officially titled “Naga Infiniti”, but back in the kitchen, they call it “The Widower”.Read More →

Classic Jambalaya - © 2012 www.thecookingmom.com

Maggie J’s now offers our own hand made, home made New Orleans style Andouille sausage, lightly smoked and ready to star in your next Gumbo, Jambalaya, Etouffée or Crawfish Boil! Many local purveyors of fresh and smoked sausage don’t make Andouille…Read More →

McKenna Pope

Just yesterday we told you how New Jersey 13-year-old McKenna Pope had started a petition on change.org to convince Hasbro, maker of the Easy-Bake Oven, to release a gender-neutral version of the iconic “girl” toy.Read More →