Wild Blueberry Bannock - © cookingwiththewolfman.com

Canadiana: Cooking with the Wolfman!

Here’s something you don’t see every day: An aboriginal-themed food truck, cruising the streets of Toronto during the Pan Am Games, with the goal of introducing visitors from across the hemisphere to some real, honest-to-goodness Canadian First Nations foods. But what kind of food is that, exactly?

The You Are Welcome Food Truck - © cookingwiththewolfman.comThe You Are Welcome food truck, earlier this week in downtown Toronto…

Well… It’s stuff like Venison Kabobs, Curried Elk Pastries, Smoked Turkey Chili and Wild Blueberry Bannock. Definitely not what you’d find on most restaurant menus! The reviews have been rave – both from First Nations folks and international visitors.

The food truck is the brainchild of noted aboriginal Chef David Wolfman, host of Cooking With The Wolfman on the APTN network, now in its eighth season. He calls his cooking style ‘Aboriginal Fusion – traditional Aboriginal foods with a modern twist’. That means you’ll see lots of traditional foods like Wild Game, Waterfowl, Arctic Fish and other ‘wild edibles’.

The truck is named, simply, ‘You Are Welcome’ and is sponsored by the Toronto-area Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation who are making a major effort to give Canada’s aboriginal peoples a high profile during the big event. You Are Welcome is appearing at different Toronto area locations every day throughout the Games and you can find out the latest on the truck’s menus and locations at www.youarewelcome2015.com, and on Twitter at @YouAreWelcomeTO for updates anytime.

If you’re in Toronto for the Games or live in The Big Smoke, don’t miss your limited-time opportunity to eat with The Wolfmam!

~ Maggie J.