Striploin Steak - Beef - Key - © stu_spivack - Flickr

Another Dubious (Culinary) First for Nigeria?

Nigeria has become infamous over the past few decades, laying claim to a number of dark firsts. But now, when you thought it might just be safe to perhaps think about visiting this exotic African nation, fate intervenes with what might a nightmare for Nigerian Tourism Officials…

Striploin Steak - Beef - © stu_spivack - FlickrGood old, standard Beef Steak. These well-marbled Strip Loins make my mouth water,
even before they’re cooked. For the record, those who’ve tried Human Flesh
(whether knowingly or not) say it looks a little like dark Pork and tastes
something like Beef, but with a more subtle, more complex flavour.


UPDATE: Searching for more on this story on the Internet, I discovered one source who claimed the story was first reported – amid skepticism over its bona fides – more than a year ago. Anyway, it was all new to me. Take it, as all flesh, with a grain of salt.


Nigeria is famous for many dark doings, not the least of which is the infamous ‘Nigerian Letter’ Internet scam. Lagos, the capital, has been variously described as the wealthiest city in Central Africa and the filthiest. But that’s nothing compared to the latest revelation.

A recent post by Britain’s Daily Mail Online newspaper confirms that a Nigerian restaurant in the provincial city of Anambra was shut down after police discovered it had been serving human flesh to patrons.

It was apparently a nice place, frequented by tourists and well-to-do locals – including a local Priest. he started the inquiry by asking why his lunch tab was so pricey – about (US)$3.60. The average Nigerian makes about a quarter of that per day, so it triggered some alarm bells for the unidentified Father.

Then, he asked where the meat came from.

One thing led to another and police raided the joint, discovering, among other things, several plastic bags containing human heads still dripping blood. (Sorry if you’re reading this at lunch time.}

Anyway… Next time you’re in a restaurant and you think something isn’t on the up-and-up, think twice before asking questions. You might not want to hear the answers. On the other hand…

~ Maggie J.