‘Square Food’: Foodie Dream – or Nightmare?

Here’s an interesting exercise in relative perceptions. Could you identify all your fave foods – likewise, your most detested ones – if they were all cut in uniform, geometric shapes? Now, you can test your food knowledge and your perceptive acuity at the same time, thanks to a special new poster…

Food Poster - Detail - © lernertandsander.com

The Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant recently published a full-colour poster containing identically sized and shaped pieces of almost a hundred common unprocessed foods, arranged in a rigid grid.

The theory behind the challenge is that we use many cues to differentiate between foods. And no food occurs naturally that is perfectly square. So… Make all the foods the same size and shape and see how much harder it is to identify them.

Click on the partial poster image above to view or download the complete, full-sized poster.

Let me know how you fared on the challenge!

~ Maggie J.