100 Best Cuisines 2023: Come-Back Kid Canada Cracks Top 50!

This is totally demands headlining! Canada has soared on 2023 list of the world’s top cuisines. That proves we’re doing something right, in spite of persistent high food prices and annoying supermarket out-of-stocks…

Poutine - © queensleeappetit.comPoutine: Always comes in at fist place on these lists…

Taste Atlas, the self-proclaimed maven of food info for travellers, has released its 2023 list of the world’s top cuisines. And Canada stands out spectacularly as the come-from-behind kid!

Where we stand

Canada claimed 43rd spot on the list this year. That’s an almost unbelievable 49-spot increase over last year!

That puts us just behind Algeria, Russia and Slovakia, and just ahead of Sweden, the Netherlands and Morocco. Curiously, the USA didn’t make the Top 100. That’s one reason you probably won’t find too many US websites covering this story. As sports fans say, “There’s always next year…” And leave it at that.

But, to be fair: The US has always styled itself as a melting pot which has absorbed untold numbers of cultures and their cuisines into their national Gumbo. Canada, on the other hand, has always styled itself a mosaic, in which immigrant cultures and cuisines have made their own proud niches. Canada’s unique cultural structure makes it much easier to identify truly Canadian foods and traditions.

How they ranked the contenders

Taste Atlas put a lot of work into determining the 100 Best Cuisines rankings. The popular site tallied 395,205 dish ratings and more than 115,000 product ratings submitted by readers tom come up with its 2023 Best Cuisines list. That kind of data sample inspires considerable confidence in the list’s veracity..

What makes Canadian cuisine great?

The List cites more than 140 products and dishes as examples of our culinary greatness. Poutine comes in at number 1. No surprise, there, I guess. But it’s followed at irregular intervals with the likes of Hawaiian Pizza (actually invented in Southern Ontario), Ginger Beef (actually invented in Calgary), Urumaki (AKA California Sushi Rolls, actually invented in Vancouver), Montreal Smoked Meat, Tourtière, Fresh Cheddar Cheese Curds, Butter Tarts and Timbits.

Products of note include: Maple Syrup, McIntosh Apples, Montreal Steak Spice, Montreal Bagels, Beaver Tails Pastries (see photo, top of page), Yukon Gold Potatoes, Peameal Bacon and Oka Cheese.

Oh, yah…

Who came in at the bottom of the list?

Dominique, Wales and Ghana bottomed out the Big List. Sorry, guys. But there are many more countries and cuisines on earth than 100. At least you made the list!

Now everybody go eat something uniquely Canadian!

~ Maggie J.