Sticky situations demand slick solutions. Or, at least, some kind of… release! There are a number of ways to ensure that your favourite dishes don’t stick when you try to take them out of the pan, each appropriate to the pan you’re working with.

Mary Poppins was right! A spoonful of sugar does help the medicine go down! Or, as in the tale that follows, a bowlful of frosting. That’s what Laurel, a fifteen-year-old U.S. high school senior, recently banked on when she pondered the pitfalls of various ways to come out to her parents as lesbian…

The concept of condiments and savoury accompaniments employing pickled or preserved fruits and/or vegetables goes back to ancient times in Asia and at least to the Middle Ages in Europe. We still use them to enhance and complement our favourite dishes.

Scalloped Potatoes - © 2012

A classic accompaniment to roasted Ham, Scalloped Potatoes / Potatoes Au Gratin (hereinafter referred to as SP/PAG) is a classic comfort food most of us remember from our childhood Sunday dinners.

The Cabbage Family

Aside, perhaps, from the Peerless Potato and the Omnipresent Onion, no vegetable can claim to be a staple of more and more-varied cuisines than the Clever Cabbage! From Korea to Krakow, the Cabbage is central to a cornucopia of exciting mains and side dishes.