Tostitos Breath Fail - 2017 Foodbeast

Tostitos and MADD Launch Breathalyzer Bag

It’s a special promotion, timed to coincide with the Super Bowl, and it’s a first in many ways. The main way is, it turns a Chip bag into a breathalyzer! The other is the otherwise unlikely-seeming alliance of Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Tostitos’ parent company, Frito Lay / Pepsico…

Tostitos Bag-alyzer - © 2017 FoodbeastThe guys and gals at the Foodbeast offices got a deluxe media kit announcing the Bag-a-lyzer promotion. Included a jumbo bag of Tostitos and a big bowl of Cheese Dip. Lucky devils!

But it all makes sense at its core: Tostitos/Frito Lay/Pepsico wants you to eat lots of Salty snacks and drink lots of soda to celebrate Super Bowl 51!

Here’s how the thing works… It looks like a regular all-black Chip bag, but it’s adorned on its face only by a neutral blue circle. You blow into the bag through a little plastic valve at the top. Then, the circle turns either Green or Red. Green: You’re completely sober. Red: You’ve got some Alcohol in your system and the bag cautions you, ‘Don’t drink and drive’.

How it works is undoubtedly a marvel of modern chemistry. But it’s cheaper and more convenient than a personal breathalyzer and it’s better to find out, one way or the other, before you get stopped at a spot check by the Men in Black.

Also, every bag of Tostitos being shipped to stores now bears a special bar code that will get you $10 off your UBER ride on February 5 only.

My suggestions?

All of which is not to say you should scale back your Super Bowl celebrations or stay home.

Just use common sense:

  • Call UBER
  • Dial MADD’s TAXI number
  • Have a non-imbibing friend ferry you home

Or, best of all:

  • Host the part at your place and don’t worry about anything. At least you know the food will be good!

~ Maggie J.