Salmon Slider - © St. Pierre Bakery

Sunday Musings: Christmas Breakfast Inspirations

Is Christmas Morning a time when you grab a piece of toast on your way to open the presents? Or do you look forward to a special Christmas breakfast? Those of you in the latter group will love this treasure trove of fancy breakfast recipes…

Egg Nog French Toast - © St. Pierre BakerySt. Pierre Egg Nog Brioche French Toast

Oh, my, yes! Those food photographers really know how to get my taste buds humming! I almost missed a casual reference in a related post, to a recipe collection by a US boutique bakery that specializes in brioche. They had me right there, at ‘brioche’.

The St. Pierre Bakery is very much in tune with its Parisienne café culture inspiration. Their motto: “Bringing the joy of French bakery to brioche lovers around the world!”

Their mission: “With a passion for quality and a love of good brioche, pastries, crêpes and waffles, we want to add a touch of Paris to every meal, everywhere.” They’ve set themselves a lofty goal. But judging by their recipes (meant to get you to buy their breads, pastries and buns, of course), they’re serious about what they do.

Breakfast leads the way

Not only in our daily routines, but in St. Pierre’s products. Their array of baked goods is showcased in these luxe day-starters, any of which you’d be proud to serve on Christmas Morning…

Brioche French Toast Cheese and Bacon Roll

“An easy way to add Parisian flair to your egg roll. Using St Pierre Brioche Burger Buns, crispy bacon and cheese and chive eggs to create a quick and indulgent breakfast.” The secret here, of course, is to French toast the buns. This you do by dunkinh them in whipped eggs and toasting them under the broiler or in your purpose-built toaster-oven.

Eggnog French Toast & Caramelized Oranges

“A classic holiday drink, eggnog, mixed with French toast to create a festive take on a breakfast favorite. Top with warmly spiced caramelized oranges and smother in toffee sauce” Granted, it’s a bit of a fussy bother to make, but the results are worth it!

Spiced Honey Butter Toast

“Sticky, sweet and warmly spiced, this Spiced Honey Butter Toast is a delicious start to any winter morning.” Make enough so everyone can have at least 2 slices. The Clementine citrus garnish makes this dish really special!

Shakshuka Eggs Brioche Roll

I love Shakshuka, anyway. Any time of day. But what a great idea for a fancy breakfast sandwich! “Shakshuka is warmly spiced, saucy tomatoes, often with peppers and onions, and eggs cracked right into the dish so that they cook within the sauce.” Make it in individual portions, in ramekins. Serve on a big, beautiful hamburger-style bun. Messy but magnificent!

Eggs Royale

It’s simply a poached Egg on a bed of spinach leaves wilted in butter, topped with warm Hollandaise Sauce. All on a sumptuous Sesame Seed bun. “A special weekend surprise for the whole family!”

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Brioche Sliders

Soft White Slider Rolls topped with spreadable cream cheese that’s been blended with your choice of fresh herbs. Topped with a big fat roll of smoked salmon. (See photo, top of page.) The best switch-up serving idea for the classic combo I’ve seen in a while. Fancy and fun, all in one!

Christmas Scrambled Egg and Smoked Salmon Croissantes

“If you’re looking for a delicious dish to serve up as a special treat on Christmas Day morning, then look no further.” If you thought cream cheese and salmon was a great croissante, try adding creamy scrambled eggs. Warming, filling, and delightfully messy. Dare I appropriate the phrase, ‘finger-licking good’?

My take

The folks at St. Pierre Bakery have obviously put a lot of thought and effort into their glam recipes. They’ve compiled 25 of them, in fact. Go see for yourself. I really enjoy their ‘progressive’ take on fancy breakfast classics. What’s really great is, you can use whatever fancy breads and buns and pastries you prefer – whatever you can get at your local supermarket or fave neighbourhood bakery.

My question to you: Will you give one of their enthralling Christmas Breakfast recipes a whirl tomorrow morning?

Muse on that..

~ Maggie J.