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Potpourri: Recent Quirky Food News Nuggets

Time again, for a roundup of some quirky Foodsphere News items that didn’t quite earn themselves a full post. Nevertheless, they ARE cute/odd/novel enough to rate some kind of exposure. Submitted for your approval, some tasty recent news nuggets…

Julie & Julia - © Jonathan Wenk - Columbia PicturesThe uber-versatile Stanley Tucci (left) as Paul Child, with Meryl Streep
(right) as Julia Child, in the 2009 film Julie & Julia.

Microwavable Cup Noodles

“It’s about time!” I hear Cup Noodles fans shouting. And come to think of it, they’re right.

Be that as it may… Nissin Cup Noodles has upgraded its cups to allow customers to prep using their microwaves. Up to now, noodle fans have had to boil water and then add it to conventional noodle cups to prepare their go-to snack.

But the angle Nissin is leaning on to make promotional points with the new presentation is the eco-friendliness of the packaging.

Plastic-free and sustainable

Among the advantages of the new packaging ‘system’:

The new cups are biodgradable paper, made from 40 percent recycled fibre.

The outer cardboard sleeves are made from 100 percent recycled paper.

The Cup Noodles package now uses no plastic wrap at all. And…

The Cup Noodles makeover renders the entire Nissin Foods menu polystyrene plastic free.

An environmental commitment

Nissin says it’s now one giant step closer to meeting its commitment to reduce its products’ CO2 emissions by 30 percent by 2030, and reach neutrality by 2050.

Domino’s gets political. Sort of…

The mega-pizza chain that’s been churning up the market lately with extreme promo campaigns is at it again.

Domino’s came out with Google Maps-enabled Pinpoint Delivery a couple of weeks ago. Then last week, it débuted its Emergency Pizza campaign.

Now it’s expanding its ‘Emergency’ program offering crisis-relieving pies especially for US college kids – present and past – struggling with loan debt issues.

Noted food blogger Ayomari Allen relates some astonishing figures: “According to the U.S. Census Bureau, around 40 percent of adults are having difficulty paying their loans. President Biden’s administration has approved more than $116 billion in forgiveness for 3.4  million borrowers, per the U.S. Department of Education. Nevertheless, that’s only a drop in an ocean of 43.5 million Americans.”

To see if you qualify, get all the details, and apply for a free Emergency Pizza voucher, visit: Domino’s dedicated program webpage.

Stanley Tucci comes clean

Millions of food lovers and serious home cooks devoured actor and restaurateur Stanley Tucci’s two-season CNN series, Searching for Italy. But we learned little about Tucci, himself through the docu-cooking shows.

Now, he’s opened up a little in an interview with Katie Couric on her TikTok channel.

What vital, juicy secrets did he reveal?

He admits he, “can’t bake anything.”

His fave cocktail – as viewers of his CNN series will already know – is the classic Martini.

The one savoury sauce he ‘can’t live without’ is Marinara.

His fave midnight snack is peanut butter, banana, and honey on toasted bread.

He prefers to cook with Harry Styles, Diana Krall or Elvis Costello playing in the background.

And there’s only one food he won’t go out of his way to eat: “I like just about everything. [But] I suppose I don’t like passionfruit.”

If you loved his ‘Italy’ series…

You’ll adore his his popular Instagram page. It’s updated frequently and – as is typical of Tucci – covers a vast array of different cuisines and techniques.

Consider yourself informed

Tomorrow, it’s back to our regular, incisive, in-depth, AAA Grade, single-issue posts on the Top Food Issues of the Day…

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