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My Tips For Your Best-Ever Yule Feast!

Here’s a list of classic posts from this ancient and venerable blog, all designed to make your Christmas Feast the best ever! Pick and choose the recipes and treats you want to try, blend well with your own traditions and put together something really special for your family and friends…

Casserole Stuffing Deluxe - © epicurious.comMake lots and lots of stuffing! Bake a whole extra casserole full under foil beside the bird,
and everyone will finally get enough!

Let’s address the number-one question folks ask me about Turkey roasting: “How do I get a nice, crispy golden-brown skin on my bird?” It’s easy. Rub your Turkey with Butter or Oil and roast covered, as usual, until the last hour of cooking time. Then remove the cover. If you want it crispier, turn the heat up to 400 for the last 15 minutes.

A new idea for Cranberry condiments? I highly recommend my Dad’s Cranberry Relish. Sweet, tart and light. Just the thing to cut through the heavy savoury flavours of your feast.;

Dessert? Pumpkin Pie, of course. My go-to recipe is quick and easy. You can even use a store-bought crust, if you like. It’s the love you pout in it that counts!

Best Stuffing ever? Try my modestly famous Bird or Bake Stuffing.

Make Mulled Wine or Cider! This a n keep some family members or guests occupied while you put the finishing touches on the Christmas Feast. It’s almost impossible to make a mistake and everyone loves these seasonal sippers.

Do something different with the Sweet Potato this year. I love to serve Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges!

Want your Mashed Potatoes to turn out just like Mom always made them? Try my classic recipe!

Perk up your Baked Squash this year! Try my recipe for Fruit-Stuffed Squash halves and you’ll never go back to plain old Butter and Brown Sugar…

Now get cooking!

And make this the best Christmas Feast ever…

~ Maggie J.