The Iconic Egg McMuffin - © McDonald's Restaurants

More McD’s News: All Day Breakfast?

We’ve been following the changes that McDonald’s has been proposing and testing in its menu and its ways of taking and filling orders. The latest chapter involves what some would call a major, landmark move: Making Breakfast available all day! This is one ‘update’ that McD’s hasn’t previously hinted at…

McDonald's Breakfast Burrito - © McDonald's RestaurantsMcDonald’s Breakfast Burrito – an option available in some markets. But everyone
who’s had breakfast at McD’s knows the iconic Egg McMuffin,
which started a global craze!

McDonald’s – like any other global retail giant – is always careful to telegraph its punches, when it comes to significant changes to its menus or store routines. First the company ‘leaks’ plans for new menu items or service concepts to the Internet and watches the customer feedback like a hawk. In due course, after in-depth analysis of those observations, the company announced test markets for new stuff and runs those tests for weeks or months to collect customer feedback. Then cones more fine tuning.

Sometimes, a new idea won’t make it past the test market stage. More often, though, it is modified, evolved or redirected during the test market process before any commitment is made to ‘roll it out’ generally.

We’ll never know how many potentially great – or totally goofy – ideas never even made it to the ‘leak’ stage, let alone failed to survive the market testing gauntlet…

With that in mind…

Consider that McD’s has announced that all-day Breakfast is about to go into the market testing phase of development. And this is the first we’ve heard of it!

Of course, the menu is already mature and it’s considered a hit with McCustomers. And people have been complaining for years that the Breakfast Sandwich options disappear from the menu too early in the day. That’s because there have – at least until now – been major changes required in the kitchen configuration to switch from making McMuffins to making Burgers. From making Hash Brown to making French Fries. And so on…

Consider, also…

…That McD’s competition has been making strides in the Breakfast sector. McDonald’s recently enlarged its Hash Browns from small to medium in the face of medium-to-large Hash Browns offered. for about the same price, by the likes of A&W and Tim’s.

A&W, in particular, has already instituted up-graded Breakfasts, including Breakfast Sandwiches that are larger than McDonald’s and Hash Browns that are still larger than McD’s, a comparable prices. Now, add to that made-to-order plated Breakfasts that remind you of an old-school Diner’s and you have something formidable to compete with. Tim Horton’s also offers an array of Sandwiches, and Breakfast treats which include bakery items, that McD’s doesn’t currently match.

And, add to that the fact that it takes McDonald’s months or even years to make even small changes in its menus or procedures, simply because it’s such a huge organization.

Now, consider…

That McDonald’s, worldwide, has just reported its ninth successive quarterly drop in sales. That’s never happened before, in the the history of the company, which started up, in the form we know today, back in 1955.

Times change. We must change with the times. Whether we like it or not!

~ Maggie J.