Chicken Ramen Burrito - Detail - ©

Menu Madness: Chicken Ramen Burrito

How about a little hit of Menu Madness to brighten up a chilly Winter’s day? Here’s another menu monstrosity that proves Ramen is making a run for your money this year. It’s just one of the huge, gooey, Burger- and Burrito-like handfuls offered by the new Two Birds eatery in Irvine CA.

Chicken Ramen Burrito - © twobirdsrestaurant.comHere’s the Fried Chicken Ramen Burrito. Check out the slice of Chicken Breast at top
as an indicator of the scale of the thing. What is it with this current
Starch-on-Starch trend, anyway?

They call it the Double Fried Chicken Ramen Burrito with a hot Asian Sauce. Looks more like a meal for a family of four in a Tortilla. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but why do these extreme edibles all have to be so HUGE? I guess that’s all part of the ‘extreme’ thing. But I’m betting this creation, in particular, would not be that good warmed up for lunch the next day if you dared to ask for a doggy bag at the end of your meal…

Anyway, I thought it was well worth taking a look at for it’s originality, alone. It showcases another millennial trend that I can’t say appeals to me all that much, but keeps cropping up: Starch-on-Starch, like the now-well-known French Fry Burger. I also saw something about a ‘Torpasta’ not long ago. Divine Pastabilities of San Diego offers this filling dish, consisting of your fave Pasta stuffed into a hollowed-out Italian Roll…

What next?

~ Maggie J.