Grand Mac - © 2016 You You X via Imagur

McD’s To Tweak The Big Mac?

“How dare they?” shout Big Mac fans. Change the most well-known (if not most-loved loved) fast food burger in the known universe? In the end it turns out McDonald’s is playing with tweaks in size and price for the Big Mac in response to sagging sales, rising costs and changing customer preferences…

New Big Mac Family - © 2016 McDonald's RestaurantsLeft to right: Mac Jr., Classic Big Mac, Grand Mac.

McDonald’s is, in fact, testing customer reaction to two new variants of the iconic Big Mac – a smaller version called Mac Jr. and a larger one called Grand Mac. Patty size is being adjusted as well as the size of the famous Sesame Seed Bun. (See photo, above.)

Competitors, notably Burger King with its Whopper, have rolled out bigger burgers than the classic Big Mac with notable success. Hence, the Grand Mac. It’s a larger bun than the classic Big Mac, and the patties are 1/6 lb. each. That’s 1/3 lb. or 150 g. of meat total. Not too shabby!

Mac Jr. is officially described as a ‘smaller Big Mac’, as contradictory as that sounds, and has only one layer. But it still comes with all the fixings you expect on a Big Mac. McD’s says it’s ‘easier to eat on the go.’

Prices are correspondingly higher and lower, as well. Grand Mac is selling at selected Columbus, OH, and Dallas, TX, outlets for (US)$4.89. Mac Jr. is selling at the same locations for (US)$2.59.

According to one report, the new Big Mac ‘Family’ has been testing in Saudi Arabia since the beginning of this year. And there, it’s Halal. Where else are the new Macs being tried out, I wonder?

How long before the new Macs roll out across the chain (presuming they go over well with the fans)? If McD’s previous pilot projects are any indication, it’ll be at least a year following the end of the test market exercise before the new burgers come to your local McD’s.

Patience, patience…

Maggie J.