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The Queen’s Own Birthday Cake…

We’ve been all in a flutter, here in Canada this week, over the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth. She’s doing better at 90 than my mom was (she’s now a mere half a year away from 92!) and she still loves her sweets. Her Official Chef has shared his recipe for her favourite Chocolate Cake!

The Official Royal Birthday Cake - © The Royal ChefThe simple but elegant Royal Birthday Cake – Lovingly Perpetuated by The Royal Chef!

We’ve done this one before but I thought, being her Britannic Majesty’s 90th birthday and all, we could stand another look at her simple but elegant Birthday Cake. It’s a classic Chocolate concoction, usually served to her in traditional Layer Cake mode with Chocolate icing and minimal decorations (pictured above).

Here’s the recipe…

Darren McGrady Royal Chef - © The Royal ChefJust visit this link to the official website of Royal Chef Darren McGrady (pictured left) for the tasty details.

Or you can get the full recipe at this vintage post on the FFB…

This Cake takes some planning and preparation to pull off perfectly, but it’s worth it! It was first whipped up for Queen Victoria by her Chef, Gabriel Tschumi, and it’s been passed down from Royal Chef to Royal Chef through the generations.

Go Ahead… Indulge yourself! One bite of this Chocolate delight will make you feel like Royalty!

~ Maggie J.