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McD’s Steps Back From Nut-Safe Stand

McDonald’s has recently developed a reputation for being first to introduce new ideas on the fast food scene. But, now, they’re backpedaling on a policy they were among the first to introduce, years ago. And the move has caused a lot of comment and commentary. But how will it affect sales?

SKOR McFlurry - © 2017 McDonald's CanadaThe New Skor McFlurry. First McDonald’s Canada menu item with un-packaged Nuts

 McDonald’s restaurants are no longer Nut-safe. Which is to say they’re dropping their former ‘Nut-safe’ promise to customers concerned with allergies in favour of answering the demands of a larger audience: customers who like Nuts and want them on and in McDonald’s menu items.

Take note: This change only applies – for now at least – to McDonald’s in Canada.

The chain has posted a notice to guests [customers] that, “We are now serving products using nuts that are not individually packaged. The new SKOR McFlurry (available Jan 17, 2017) is the first product that will contain non-packaged peanuts or tree nuts. As a result, all products available at our restaurants may contain or come into contact with peanuts, tree nuts or other allergens. That means the possibility exists for cross-contact between nuts and other menu items.”

First new menu item with ‘open’ nuts

The New Skor McFlurry will be the first McDonald’s dish to feature Nuts. The Skor Candy Bar is a Toffee/Chocolate concoction from Hershey’s. This new menu item was market tested briefly at two Ontario McD’s locations before being rolled out across the land.

McDonald’s Canada CEO John Betts told the Globe and Mail, “We’ve had a long-standing commitment to a focus on allergens – that hasn’t changed. We’re still communicating to our guests [customers] and making them aware of things they need to be conscious of.”

Massive reaction from allergy community

Allergy awareness Organizations were quick to react to the news – universally negatively. Allergy-themes Websites exploded with posts. The concensus among allergy-concered seems to be that McDonald’s was once considered a safe place for their families to eat. No stress, no questions or doubts. Now, that’s all changed.

How will the new McD’s Canada Nut policy affect the chain’s sales? Not much. Only about 2 per cent of Canadians are allergic to Peanuts and 2.4 per cent are allergic to Tree Nuts. But the change is generating a lot of comment and commentary.

~ Maggie J.