Chicken Face - © Veronica Bartlett via Pintrest

McDonald’s Flies A New, Bigger McChicken: Why?

McD’s has given the fanfare treatment to a new, larger McChicken sandwich. It’s called the Grand McChicken. An odd new product to intro in the age of the ‘crispy fried chicken breast’ standard. Not to mention the original’s questionable popularity…

Grand McChicken - © 2023 - McDonaldsThe new Grand McChicken (right) next to the Original
McChicken (left). Would you pay $1.30 more?

The ‘new’ Grand McChicken is exactly the same as the old McChicken – just larger. And McD’s has even released a photo in which the original is shown beside the new Grand for comparison. That itself is a brave move at a time when Burger King and other Fast Food purveyors are being sued for falase and misleading product photos.


McD’s has chosen to not only promote its oft criticised McChicken sandwich, but to enhance it. I can see how making it bigger might raise its profile at least a little bit out of the shadow of the new, breast filet monsters all the major brands are now selling.

But why add an enhanced McChicken to the menu now? And I truly wonder whether a bigger McChicken will overcome the baggage the original drags along with it.

Excess baggage

The Original McChicken was, I think, intended to provide an entry-level Chicken offering in parallel with the Original Hamburger and Cheeseburger. Also a great option for kid-sized appetites.

But the thing has always laboured under the burden that its patty is made from ‘mechanically deboned’ chicken – once referred to by detractors as ‘Pink Slime’. In the interest of complete transparency, we note that McD’s Chicken McNuggets are also made of the stuff.

In fact, last time I looked, the original McChicken is only saved from occupying the bottom spot on the McMenu popularity list by the even more unloved Fillet o’ Fish.

Price not the issue

The current official menu price for McD’s featured Crispy Chicken (Breast Filet) Sandwich is (US)$4.79. The new Grand McChicken is going for (US)$4.69 in California test marketing releases. Am I betraying a fundamental Canadian misunderstanding of American tastes and preferences if I say, “Who would choose the Grand McChicken over the Crispy Chicken?”


McChicken fans will likely applaud the coming of the new Grand version. Even if it does cost (US)$1.30 more than the original. But I can’t help pointing out that the Crispy Breast Filet Sandwich market is where the action is. Why a bigger McChicken? Why now?

~ Maggie J.