3D Printed Pizza - Detail - © 2017 Beehex

Intl’ Pizza Expo Amazes With New Tech!

I was amazed to find that the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas was getting ready to put on its 33rd annual show, later this month. Why have I not hard of this before? I guess, because it’s an industry event, not a public expo. Nevertheless, I have been tipped to at least one new innovation…

3D Printed Pizza - © 2017 BeehexThe BeeHex 3D Pizza Printer opens up new vistas for Pizza Artists –
Any shape, any size anytime!

Yes, it’s a 3D printer that makes Pizzas any shape you want. Really. You program in the size and shape of the pie you want. The printer then extrudes the Crust, sauce and Cheese in exactly the right amounts in exactly the right places. Think of the shapes you could do! Pizza Animals for the kids! Pizza Portraits! Intricate text inscriptions with no more spelling errors thanks to the built in spell checker! Okay, I don’t know if there’s a built-in spell checker. But there ought to be!

And this innovation, by BeeHex, is just one of the amazing things that pizza purveyors will experience at the International Pizza Expo, March 28-30 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

American Pizza Gurus from all over the map will be in attendance and you can even enroll in the Show’s exclusive School Of Pizzeria Management.

If you run a Pie Shop, especially if you’re a little independent operator, you really ought to think about going to Vegas for this. At worst, it’ll prepare you for what the other guys might be doing next! At best, it could put you at the front of the pack!

~ Maggie J.