Raving Ramsay - © Fox

Gordon Ramsay Goes Under Cover

Gordon  Ramsay became the Chef You Love To Hate for millions of North Americans thanks to his smash cooking series, Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares, where he played a foul-mouthed, vicious version of himself. Now, he’s turning over a new napkin with The F-Word U.S., which is ‘kinder and gentler’…

Ramsay has been so revered as a villain that someone actually compiled a video of every single expletive insult he delivered to contestants on his previous American-aired competition chows. It runs almost 7 minutes! And he actually let himself be sucked into a ‘cuss-off’ with actor Kevin Spacey. But his new show, The F-Word U.S., is something different. He’s actually more of a nice guy, rather than the nasty-ass bully of his former ‘roles’.

In fact, he’s leveraging digital and Hollywood technology to pull all sorts of gags on contestants and focus groups. In one sequence he argues with himself, via split-screen wizardry, as well as moderating the debate as a third Ramsay ‘in the middle. In another, upon which we will concentrate today, He goes into heavy special effects makeup to sit in, anonymously, on a focus group about his new show and himself. It’s very educational to hear what people have to say about you when they think you’re not there!

View the YouTube-released video, above…

Turns out Ramsay actually has a human side and, even, a sense of humour!

~ Maggie J.