KFC Nail Colour 2 - ® KFC-Ogilvie & Mather via Ad Week

Get that ‘Finger Likin’ Good’ Feeling Anytime

KFC will soon launch a new fashion accessory that will let wearers take that ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ feeling with them wherever they go. We don’t know what it will cost or her it will be available, but we do know what it will look like, thanks to leaks by its advertising agency in an industry magazine…

KFC Edible Nail Colour - © KFC-Ogilvy & Mather via Ad Week

Bet you never thought you’d see it, but here it comes. KFC has developed a new line of nail polish in two colours, regular (Fried Cichken Tan) and Hot & Spicy (Chili Pepper Red). But the real news is, its edible! Well, at least, its lickable, The new nail colours are infused with their namesake trademark KFC flavours.

So… Anytime you need a KFC fix, all you have to do, literally, is lick your fingers.

How did it leak?

KFC’s globally renowned ad agency, Ogilvy & Mather, just had to tell the advertising industry’s leading publication, Advertising Week, about it’s amazing marketing campaign for the product in advance of KFC actually announcing it. Unusual, but not unheard of. A key image from the ad splash is reproduced at left. Short of actually trying the stuff, what do you think?

~ Maggie J.