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Fast Food Week: Quick Service Resto And Snacks News!

A good variety of news on the hand-held meal scene this week, with new offerings by Burger King, Popeye’s and Kellogg’s/Disney. And don’t forget to plan now to celebrate National Taco Day, tomorrow. Two questions: When is Bread NOT Bread? And why do we need a Mountain Dew Hot Sauce?

A feature-length review of the new BK Hand-Breaded Chicken
Sandwich, by roving Fast Food Blogger Roderick Eats…

National Taco Day!

Listen up! Tomorrow (Sunday) is National Taco day, and any resto that you know has Tacos on the menu may be offering freebees or special deals. Call ahead or visit the establishment’s Website to check on availability before hauling yourself out there. But whatever else you do, don’t miss out! And catch our capsule rundown on National Taco Day Tomorrow in this space!

Burger King Challenges Popeye’s, Chick-Fil-A in Chicken Sandwich niche

BK is stepping right up, market testing a new hand-breaded Chicken Sandwich which looks a lot like a knock-off of Popeye’s copy of the classic Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich. The Sandwiches from CFA and Popeye’s are basically Breaded Crispy-Fried Chicken Breasts on nice big Buns, garnished only with Pickles. BK has one of those, which it calls The Classic, plus Lettuce and Tomato, and Cheddar Bacon versions. The new BK Sammys are apparently available for a limited time, at very select BK locations – for now. Check out the ‘ location review’ by a noted online Food Bloggobler, Roderick, above…

For Heat-and-Eat fans: ‘Chik’n Mickey Nuggets’

Kelloggs has launched a collab with Disney: Mickey Mouse-shaped ‘Chik’n’ Nuggets made from Incogmeato Soy-based Meat Substitute by MorningStar Farms. The Nuggets are intended to be Kid-friendly and are shaped in the classic Mickey Mouse silhouette with light Breading. They should appear in the frozen Chicken section at your local supermarket later this month.

Mountain Dew up to more shenanigans…

The Dew was last heard from just last week in this space, as part of the Guacamole Day post, when it was revealed that it had concocted a new, convenience Margarita – dubbed the DEWgarita – employing Mountain Dew Soda for the Lime and other non-Tequila ingredients in a bright green, fizzy Marg. This week it’s shifted its focus dramatically to a new Mountain Dew-based Hot Sauce teaming up with iBurn, a boutique Hot Sauce maker. After a poll of fans, the Dew decided to use Habañero Peppers for the Hot component. We’ll let you know when it comes out…

Popeye’s adds Chocolate Beignets

Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen (its proper, long-form name) is uniquely qualified among the major Fast Food chains to claim the right to feature the classic New Orleans specialty, Beignets, on its menu. So what took it s long? The brand, known for it’s Crispy Fried Chicken, has added Chocolate Cream filled Beignets to its Dessert menu at selected locations (so far reported only in the U.S. Northeast) for a limited time, so it looks like a market test. The little cross between a Doughnut and a Puff Pastry is unique to Cajun cuisine.

Subway Bread Ruled NOT Bread – in Ireland

Don’t panic! But… In Ireland, Bread cannot contain more than  2 percent Sugar to qualify as ‘Bread’ as defined under the country’s tax laws. Over 2 percent it’s not considered a ‘staple’ food, and therefore should have retail sales tax applied. Subway Bread (in Ireland at least) contains 10 percent Sugar and, so, Sandwiches that are built on it should be treated as taxable. So ruled the Irish Supreme Court last week in the final round of a long fight by a major franchisee. Ten percent sure sounds like a lot to me…

And that’s the skinny…

… On what’s threatening to make the rest of us a little fatter over the coming days and weeks.. See you back here in seven for the next edition of Fast Food Week!

~ Maggie J.