Pretzel Baconator - © 2023 Wendys

Fast Food Week: Quick Service Restaurant And Snacks News!

We have a real treat for you! Our biggest Fast Food Week report ever! Whatever you’re craving, it’s probably on holiday special. A total of 14 quick service chains weigh in below… And we can’t wait to dig in! How about a McRib, for old time’s sake?

2023 Tripe Threat - © Pizza Hut


Pizza Hut reprises Triple Threat Box

A rare appearance of this huge, 3-drawer party pack. Bit it does usually show up around holidays and major sporting events. This time, it features two 1-topping medium pizzas, five bread sticks, and a choice of either 10 Cinnabon Mini Rolls or an Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie for dessert. Available at participating Huts across the US, while supplies last.

Wendy’s dresses up the Baconator

The Pretzel Baconator has all the components of the original: two quarter-pound beef patties, American (Processed) cheese, six strips of smoked bacon, ketchup and mayo. But it’s constructed on a Pretzel bun. If it sounds like a dietary bomb, it is. The Pretzel Baconator weighs in at 1050 calories, with 76 g of saturated fat! But one now and than wonb;t kill you… It’s a limited-time menu item, of course. (See photo, top of page.)

Little Caesar’s rolls out Stuffed Crazy Crust pies

LC’s is cooking up a treat for Stuffed Crazy Bread lovers… The Stuffed Crazy Bread Crust pies come in Pepperoni or plain cheese. And they’re cunningly priced a couple of bucks less than the equivalent item at Papa John’s.

Stuffed Crazy Crust Pizza - © 2023 Little Caesars

At participating LC’s across the US. No word whether it’s a new permanent menu item, or a limited-time offering.

McRib: The sammy that wouldn’t die!

It’s back for a limited time, at participating locations. The oft-maligned McRib may not be a fave of the majority of McD’s fans, but it has rock-solid minority support. Which is why it comes back at least once a year. Fast Fact: McRib is on the permanent menu in Germany – where Pork is king!

KFC Canada flies ‘Festive Chicken’

It’s a crispy Chicken Breast sandwich, sitting on drizzle of garlic oil and a schmear of mayo. And topped with cranberry sauce and a generous dollop of stuffing!

Festive Chicken Sammy - © 2023 KFC Canada

Canada’s version of the rather odd Holiday Season stuffing-adorned sammy recently unveiled by KFC UK? Makes me glad I’m Canadian.

Popeye’s gives you (permanent) Wings

(Similarity to the Red Bull mantra is humourously intended!) So successful have recent tests of wings at Popeye’s been, that they’ve decided to add them to their permanent menu. They’re starting with 5 flavours: new Honey BBQ, new Roasted Garlic Parmesan, new Signature Hot, Ghost Pepper, and Sweet N’ Spicy. At participating locations, in 6-piece packs.

Taco Bell brings back Cravings Box

The Bell revisits its popular Cravings Box. The price is still $5. And as always, it’s here for a limited time. The box comprises: includes a Chalupa Supreme, a Beefy 5-Layer Burrito…

Cravings Box - © 2023 Taco Bell

… a Crunchy Taco, Cinnamon Twists, and a medium fountain Drink. Hope you have a big appetite! Otherwise, it’s just right for sharing…

Taquitos back at Taco Bell

They’re officially called Rolled Chicken Tacos. The nickname ‘Taquitos’ reminds us they’re small. They’re basically corn tortillas filled with shredded spiced chicken breast meat. Get ’em in 2- and 4-piece orders. Prices translate to about $1.50 per roll.


Wing Stop offering sauces as sides

The Stop is offering their famous sauces as sides. The idea is to help you go strikingly different with flavour on your Holiday dishes. Suggestions include: basting your Turkey with Lemon Pepper. Or Maple Sriracha. Add Cajun to bring Sweet Potatoes into the 21st. Or how about whipping up a compound (‘chef’) butter with Garlic Parm? Order via

Snacks and Beverages

McDonald’s Holiday Pies return – briefly

They look like any other baked McD’s hand pie. Except they’re topped with multi-coloured holiday sprinkles. Inside there’s that scrumptious vanilla custard you’ve come to know and love. As previously, they’re available only at participating locations. And they may not show up until after Thanksgiving. Ask next time you’re in, if your local is participating…

Jack In The Box pours Boba bevs

A popular Asian beverage at all-American JITB? Yep. For those who don’t know what it is: Boba is a tapioca starch ‘pearls’ added to drinks from tea to… whatever.

Boba Tea and Coffee - © 2023 Jack in the Box

Which is what JITB is adding them to. You can get Iced Coffee Boba or Milk Tea Boba now through December 25. JITB is admittedly late to address the Boba craze. But you can’t fault them for trying.

Wendy’s Frosty Key Tags back

Wendy’s popular Frosty key tags are back for the holidays. As usual, the tag can be used to get a free Jr. Frosty once per visit, every visit, now through the end of next year. But you have to make a regular menu purchase. Not too hard a condition for Wendy’s fans to meet!

Novelty Alerts

Denny’s goes Fast Food with new store model

Denny’s has quietly opened a new location in Kerman, California, featuring the chain’s first-ever Drive-Thru….

Dennys Drive Thru - © 2023 Dennys

…Just like all the big Fast Food chains have emphasized in their ‘resto of the future’ concepts. It’s open 24/7.

Olive Garden selling ‘iconic’ Cheese Grater

The Olive Garden is adding a much-coveted item to its online merch catalogue. You can now get the chain’s signature cheese grater for just $15.  A great Christmas gift idea for a the cooks on your list who thought they had everything? Order now: There’s a 10-per-customer limit! There’s also a special, limited ‘Season;s Gratings’ sweat shirt featuring a snowy (cheesy?) village.

And that’s the skinny…

… On what’s going to be making many of a little less skinny now through the holidays. See you back here in 7 for the next bumper edition of Fast Food Week!

~ Maggie J.