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Fast Food Week – Industry News Roundup

Here we are again. Time to check in on the latest Fast Food sector news, launches and announcements. And one really odd item, focusing on a new KFC promotional spot. They’ve had celebrity Colonels, a ‘space shot’ and a host of other off-beat notions. Now, it’s a dancing chicken…

KFC’s new ‘dancing chicken’ promo spot. Confusing to some,
disgusting to others – distressing to vegetarians?

Burger King’s Cheesy Tots are back…

…For a limited time, as usual. Folks loved ’em when they were on the regular menu, but they were discontinued for no rational reason back in 2009. They’ve returned, for limited time bursts of joy, several times since. I think BK keeps this crowd pleaser in its back pocket for those times when it needs a promotional boost. Get ’em while you can.

OREOs get Cadbury’s Chocolate

The latest in the long, long running series of Flavoured OREO releases is just a regular OREO cookie – covered with Cadbury’s Chocolate! Alas, they’re only being sold in Australia at the  moment, but consumer outcry could convince OREOs to release them word-wide. This is seen as a tit-for-tat for the previous Cadbury release of Cookie-Stuffed Creme Eggs,,,

Dunkins’ unveils its fall lineup

Dunkin’ Donuts (or, if you subscribe to he new corporate thrust, just ‘Dunkins’) has released its new fall season special creations. To start, there’s a sexy-looking Maple Sugar Bacon Breakfast Sandwich on a Croissant. Then, there’s a new beverage flavour: Maple Pecan. It’s available in all of Dunkins’ hot and iced Coffee menu items. For dessert, there’s a new Doughnut, reflecting the season with red Icing and Chocolate and Orange sprinkles. The fall favourites are expected to be available at all Dunkins’ outlets by the end of this month.

Chic-Fil-A sued for serving a ‘Rat’ Sandwich.

Okay. It was small. Probably really a mouse, not a real, big, disgusting rat. But that’s not the point. How did a whole dead rodent get into the sandwich served to a Bucks County, PA, woman in November, 2016? The rodent was baked into the Bun on which the sammy was built. Chick-Fil-A isn’t commenting. The women is suing claiming months of nausea, anxiety, and other eating disorders. Ellen Manfalouti says she filed a lawsuit after months of ‘stonewalling’ from the local Chick-Fil-A where the incident occurred. Seems she should be suing the baker that supplied he Buns…

Subway Franchisees sue cops for false accusation

This is an interesting one. A Layton, Utah, police officer claimed a cup of Lemonade he bought at a local Subway outlet was laced with meth and THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Initially, he claimed he took the drink back to the station and it tested positive or the drugs. A 17 year old female server at the Subway outlet was arrested. A TV news report later that night claimed the officer had been hospitalized. However… Two weeks went by and no charges were laid. And police eventually confirmed that no drugs were found in the Lemonade. But the damage was done. And business at the Subway outlet has dropped way, way off. I usually knock Subway for its cleapo stance on Meat and Cheese fillings, and its policy of not responding to customer complaints. But, this time, I’m on the franchisees’ side.

KFC commercial confuses, outrages viewers

A new KFC commercial video has confused some viewers and outraged others. But Industry watchdog  the Advertising Standards Agency says no rules were broken. At the same time, the Agency confirms that it received some complaints from viewers who insisted the video was distasteful. The commercial shows a live chicken ‘dancing’ to a hip-hop tune and is meant to promote the Chicken chain’s new tagline: The Whole Chicken And Nothing But The Whole Chicken. Meaning it wants everybody to know it’s remaining true to chicken, not bleeding over the lines and adding Burgers or Seafood or Pizzas. I watched it. I am among the confused.

And that’s it for this week. Have fun playing with your Fast Food!

~ Maggie J.