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Do we really need ‘O’-Food?

Oprah Winfrey has her mitts into just about everything. She’s worshiped by trend followers, style mavens, book lovers and folks who are adoring and persistent enough to get tickets to her TV studio audience (because she always gives away great stuff). Now, she’s selling ‘Comfort Food’…

Oprah Foods - © 2017 Oprah and Kraft/HeinzOprah has her mitts on just about everything. Now, the Weight Watchers doyenne
is even endorsing a separate line of ‘comfort foods’. Do we really need it?

Oprah is putting her name on a new line of refrigerated packaged soups and savoury side dishes under the ‘O, That’s Good!’ banner.She says she’s been involved with developing the dishes from the start and many of her own ideas have been incorporated. Like the Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes and the Garlic Mashed Spuds. It wouldn’t be Comfort Food without Mac and Cheese, and Oprah’s initial releases include a Rotini Pasta with Three Cheese and Squash sauce, and a Penne with Parmesan and White Bean sauce. Soups include Broccoli Cheddar, Creamy Tomato, Baked Potato and Creamy Butternut Squash.

Yes, each of these dishes has a twist to it; a nutritious addition to the basic, traditional formula.And Winfrey says she agreed to endorse them because they’re healthy, yet tasty:

“We’re not calling it diet food because people don’t want to be on a diet,” The Weight Watchers spokes-gal told People magazine. “We’re not putting points on [the packaging] so that people can’t say, ‘What if I’m not on that program?’ It’s just a step in the direction of getting folks to eat better.” She’s keeping the two projects completely separate.

But do we really need ‘O’-Foods?

I guess Kraft/Heinz is calling Oprah’s endorsement a coup. Oprah admits she has turned down many an offer over the years to take up a partnership such as the ‘O, That’s Good!’ deal. Kraft/Heinz may need her, but does Oprah really need more money? And does the market really need another line of prepared foods? Is it really a good idea to discourage people from making their own food from fresh ingredients? Many other questions arise from Oprah’s latest project. It all seems like such a pointless exercise, aside from the money it will make some folks.

~ Maggie J.