Flame Broiled Burger - © meatfreemondays.com

Fast Food Secrets that Shocked Even Me!

Yup! It’s true! I’ve just stumbled across an in-depth post on Yahoo! Nutrition by the author of a relatively-new website titled Eat This, Not That, in which the author reveals a whole catalogue of ugly secrets the Fast Food Chains would rather you didn’t know – or at least that you’d ignore them if you did know!

Flame Grilled Burger Real Deal - © recipeshubs.comThe Real Deal Flame Grilled Burger. Although Zinczenko insists that the grill marks
on many so-called ‘Flame Broiled’ Fast Foods are in fact faked!

Author David Zinczenko admits that, before he opted out of the lifestyle, he was a fast food junkie – even got a job at KFC to help support his habit. While on the other side of the counter, he saw things and learned things from other Fast Food Workers that he’s sure The Fast Food Proprietors don’t want you, the customer, to know. In his post, he lists 25 of the most egregious Fast Food Facts he’s discovered … For example:

  • You’re not really special: “…you go to this place all the time; just because there’s a clown there doesn’t mean it’s a party.”
  • Today’s Pizza, Fries and Burgers (to name just a few popular menu items) have ballooned in calories-per-serving over their 1970s’ counterparts.
  • The ice in your soda may be dirtier than toilet water. Yikes!
  • Your Fast Food Coffee could be making you sad. If it comes in a Styrofoam cup.
  • Baskin Robins Shakes contain sanitized Wood Chips and Petroleum Byproducts.

I’ll curtail my own comments on these revelations so you can get right on over to the post.

Note: No comment on Zinczenko’s website, as I haven’t had the chance to give it a thorough visit, yet…

~ Maggie J.