McDonald's New Signature Classic - © 2015 McDonald's Restaurants

McDonald’s Premieres New Premium Burgers

Back at the beginning of the year, we gave you a hazy ‘heads up’ on McDonald’s plans to up-scale its burger offerings. McD’s corporate even staged a high-toned ‘unveiling’ of some prototype ‘premium’ Burgers complete with classy Black packaging and servers in bistro-style uniforms…

UK McD's Signature Line - © 2015 McDonald's Restaurants

At that time, the marketing name ‘Signature Collection’ surfaced, with some observers saying it was a brilliant move and others saying McD’s was all but satirizing itself and its traditional grass-roots, family restaurant image by going all hoity-toity.

McD’s has recently launched some of its less ambitious other modernization ideas, mostly in test markets, but only this week did the Burger Giant release its promised premium Burgers in the middle of the UK’s booming gourmet burger market – London and the Midlands. Sorry, Scotland and Wales. And Ireland – both of you. But selected McDonald’s outlets in a mere 28 English cities get the new fare at this time.

Now, we in North America can’t actually taste the new Signature Burgers yet, unless we take a jaunt to the U.K. Don’t know about your budget, but I wouldn’t have the price of a burger left in me wee little purse once I actually got there… Nevertheless, we can look at the new offerings in all their glory, thanks to the magic of the Internet ! (See image above.)

The new menu focuses on larger, fancier Burgers; The Spicy, the Classic and the BBQ. These new creations are billed as having been designed under the supervision of Chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants in the UK and are served on new Brioche-style buns. They are also, apparently, made to order – what ever that means in this context.

Prices range from about (US)$8 to about (US)$10. – not bad for ‘made to order’, over-sized patties of all-British Beef.

McD’s says it will roll out the new Signature Burgers across its 400-plus UK stores next summer – assuming the test market in London and environs goes well…

~ Maggie J.