Wendys Baked Potato - © Wendys

Fast Food Week: Industry News Roundup

We’ve got a mixed bag this weekend. There’s been a lot of activity in the fast food world over the past seven days, and none of it has had to do with new menu items and Summer Specials. In particular, stories that could be said to be from the economic, legal and medical spheres…

Ramen Noodles - © showmetheyummy comWomen who eat Ramen Noodles more than twice a week face increased risk of
metabolic syndrome and heart disease.

Did you know? Wendy’s makes (US)$2 mil a week on Baked Potatoes

Wendy’s is the only North American Fast Food joint that sells Baked Potatoes. And folks who love Baked Potatoes know how good they are: Topped with Cheese and Veggies and… You know. Now, the venerable 48-year-old chain says it’s gearing up its ovens to bake more than a million Potatoes a week. That’s good news for folks who frequently come to order a baked potato only to be told they’re sold out.

You probably can’t overdose on food…

ASAP Science did the math and discovered that it’s pretty much impossible for you to overdose on any common food. But you still can theoretically. Here some examples of how much of some foods it would take to kill you: 70 cups of Coffee; 10.5 cups of Sugar or 9 two-litre bottles of Coke; 480 Bananas; 129 teaspoons of Black Pepper. All these foods contain potentially deadly compounds, but you’d never be able toeat enough of them at a time to harm you.

Cleveland Resto ships Milkshake 375 miles

Tommy’s Restaurant in Cleveland isn’t famous for much outside it’s home neighbourhood. But, now, it will forever be known as the eatery that shipped a milkshake to Virginia to fulfill a dying women’s last wish. Emily Pomeranz, a Cleveland native with terminal pancreatic cancer, was placed  in hospice care way out in Arlington, Virginia. All she wanted before she passed on was a Cleveland Indians Baseball cap and one last shake from Tommy’s. Her best buddy, Sam Klein, contacted Tommy’s and Tommy’s contacted UPS. The rest is history. Emily passed away just days after receiving the coveted shake…

KFC ditching ‘celebrity Colonel’ series; bringing back the original

KFC has a lot of fun over the past year or so, dressing up current-day celebrities as the iconic Colonel Sanders for ads and commercials. But, now, it’s over. In fact, the Fried Chicken colossus is bring back the original, real, no tricks Colonel via archival film footage.

“We’ve had some amazing celebrity Colonels over the past two years, and each of them has put their own twist on our original Colonel Harland Sanders,” George Felix, KFC’s U.S. Director of Advertising told reporters. “But no one can play the Colonel like the Colonel can play the Colonel.”

Potato ‘cartel’ increased prices for a decade

If you ordered ‘fries with that’ over the past decade, in the U.S., you probably paid too much for them. A study by California State University Northridge Business Law Professor Melanie Stalling Williams reveals that potato growers across the country colluded to limit production and, thus, drive up prices for the tuber. Williams found that Potato prices were inflated as much as 40 per cent in some crop years. What’s being done about it? Nothing. It seems that the authorities either don’t or can’t prosecute such agriculture sector frauds.

But Williams is pressing the issue. She and two colleagues colleagues — Michael A. Williams, Director of Competition Economics, a legal research and consulting firm, and Wei Zhao, a consultant with Competition Economics — published their findings in a report titled The OPEC of Potatoes: Should Collusive Agricultural Production Restrictions Be Immune from Antitrust Law Enforcement? in the winter 2017 edition of Virginia Law & Business Review.

Ramen consumption heart-unhealthy?

Instant Ramen noodles are the definitive answer to any Soup or Asian food craving. Quick, easy and tasty. But, now, a study reported in the Journal of Nutrition says that women who eat Ramen Noodles regularly are at a 68 per cent higher risk of heart disease compared to those who eat Ramen less than twice a week.But the bad news doesn’t end there.

The study states: “Women who consume instant noodles frequently were found to be more likely to have metabolic syndrome — the group of risk factors, including obesity and high blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar, that increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes.”

One reason mega-Ramen diets may be bad for you could be that there’s so much Salt in it.

And there you have it!

Now you know everything. Just don’t try asking for a rebate on all the fries you’ve ordered over the past 15 years…

~ Maggie J.