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COVID-19 Lock Down Cooking Fun: National Taco Day!

Today (Sunday) is National Taco Day. Drop everything and prep for a big blow-out celebrating the national Street Food of Mexico! I’ve aggregated several previous posts on Tacos and Taco Day in this one convenient reference page to make your job easier and more pleasurable…

Simple Taco Bar - © Edouard MassihA simple Taco Bar assembled from ingredients you
may already have in your fridge and pantry…

Do a Taco Buffet!

… And just let the kids (and yourself) loose. I put together a recommendation for a Taco Buffet master plan last Cinco de Mayo. It’s pretty simple but contains all the ingredients you need to do Classic Tacos right. If you love Tacos, Burritos, Nachos and other Tex-Mex treats, you just might everything you need for these Tacos on hand in your pantry and fridge! You may have to go out for a couple of things – like Taco Shells or Corn Tortillas – so make a list of other treats and trimmings you like on your Tacos and grab them while you’re out.

Serve Tacos for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!

Challenge yourself to serve up nourishing, contemporary, relevant Tacos for all three major meals today! I posted a compendium of ideas – some cool, some crazy, some just …curious – for Taco Day last year. There will NOT be a quiz at the end of the lesson today. Just a great meal!

And let me remind you that Scrambled Eggs – the foundation of may a great Breakfast Taco – can be tons more fun to make and get the kids involved if you use my Maracas Eggs method of scrambling the eggs. The Eggs form a warm, well-set single mass you can easily handle with a big spoon,  yet maintain the characteristic texture of lovely fluffy Scrambled Eggs you try for every time you make them.

Make sure you have Mexican Beer and Margaritas!

It’s just not the same without a six-pack of Del Sol or Pacifico Beer in a big bucket of ice on the side. Sister Erin, who used to make the pilgrimage to Puerto Vallarta at least once a year in a younger day, says the better known Corona is more widely available than either of the forgoing brands in the U.S. and Canada, but pales by comparison on the taste buds of any experienced Mexico hand. I always make a special effort to find Del Sol for my Tex-Mex feast nights if Pacifico cannot be had, even from any specialty shop in town.

Also, refer to this post about the perfect Margarita. The recipe has been rated 5-star since it was first posted and couldn’t be simpler…

One Taco Day idea to pass up…

… Though it might prove instructive reading for you and yours. This seems like a good moment to remind you that Tacos originated in Mexico as convenient, hand-held, take-with-you meals. Think about it: A Taco comes with all the ingredients you want, stacked in a hand-sized Corn Tortilla. So, you actually eat the package (unless it comes wrapped in paper or foil as many do in the modern era.) Taco ingredients are, for the most part, fresh, nutritious and flavourful. What’s not to like? And almost anything can work in a Taco as long as it can be topped with Lettuce and shredded Cheese without straining the diner’s imagination too far.

So what’s with the eating challenges you see periodically – like the one detailed in this past post? Several observations: Even if you took home most of that monster Taco and invited the family to help you finish it, could you avoid food waste by not having to throw away any of it at some point, days down the road? What is the mystique that makes something like this challenge last for two decades or more? Last but not least: Where can I get those huge Flour Tortillas? No, I am not planning to duplicate the 4-pound (2 kg) Taco. But I do have a couple of Tortilla Pie presentations I’d like to try!

~ Maggie J.