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COVID-19 Lock Down Cooking Fun: Cloud Bread!

Here’s a quick take on what I’ll call the Lock DownFood Fad Of The Week: Cloud Bread. The underlying principle behind the recipe has potential for creating other fun lock down dishes. And the fact that Egg Whites play such a big part in it opens the door to a separate opportunity for dessert fun!

Cloud Bread Crust Pizza - ©

When I first saw photos of Cloud Bread online I was enchanted. Then, when I read up on the recipe, I had a string pf epiphanies that led to… This post!

The whys and wherefores of Cloud Bread

Here’s the spooky part… As I read through the recipe, I quickly realized that I’ve made ‘Cloud Bread’ before. Well, not exactly; but a close cousin. And then I remembered another recipe for, a classy Breakfast Treat. But something still haunted me about the ingredients list and the appearance and texture of the finished product.

Sure enough, after double-checking in my master recipe file, I confirmed that Cloud Bread is a second cousin to the Egg Clouds I posted about back in 2018. And, as I contemplated and compared their ingredient lists, I realized that I was looking at something familiars in another way: a formula just half a block west of classic French Macarons!

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Here’s what you need

The following three ingredients are all you need to make basic Cloud Bread:

3 Egg Whites (Set the Yolks aside for another recipe we’ll cover a bit later on.)

2.5 tbsp. / 30 g White Sugar

1 tbsp. / 10 g Corn Starch

What you do

Beat the Egg Whites in a squeeky-clean, chilled mixing bowl until thick and fluffy.

Add the Starch and Sugar and continue beating until thick.

Place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Bake in a pre-heated 300 F oven for about 25 min.

See photo, top of page, for the enchanting results… A great application: Pizza Margarita with Prosciutto, on a Cloud Bread Crust (see photo, above left)…

Egg Clouds

The ingredient list for these elegant, delicate breakfast plate centrepieces is very similar. Just substitute a pinch of Salt and Pepper for the Sugar and Corn Starch. And set the Egg Yolks aside for use when reassembling the Eggs prior to baking. You can experiment with Grated Cheese and other additions, or garnishes, as you please.

French Macarons

Another similar recipe that uses Flour, Butter and Cream of Tartar to further enhance the Egg Whites. Don’t be timid! There’s nothing to these exotic-sounding recipes once you’ve made them a couple of time, and know all the the ins and outs! From Macarons, it’s just a few more steps to…


Whether you want to make feather-light Wafer Cookies or dress the top of a Pie or Cake, Meringue is probably one of the most ‘Oooh! Aaah!’ approaches you can take. As the most authoritative recipe from Eggs Canada shows, the secret to a sturdy, creamy Meringue is once again, Cream of Tartar.

And that’s it!

A quick, tasty tour of easy, elegant dishes that all start with fresh Egg Whites! Have fun and get the whole family involved while exploring Piping Bag techniques and glamming up your COVID-19 lock down menus!

And don’t forget to set those Egg Yolks aside for a post tomorrow covering a whole different class of desserts you’ll add to your permanent recipe repertoire!

~ Maggie J.