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Burrito Mashup Fun: Take It International!

Yesterday, we discovered the Phoritto – a Montreal street food favourite which is also a hit in other parts of the world. And it got me thinking – a dangerous state of affairs, at best – about other possible international crossovers with the classic Tex-Mex wrap. I am pleased to present the cream of that crop…

Korean Burrito - © lkk.comKorean Barbecue Burrito: I call it a Bulgogurrito…

Rules of the game

All you have to do to play is come up with a Burrito that is stuffed with non-Tex-Mex stuff and still shouts, “swallow me whole!” The aforementioned Phoritto is a flour tortilla stuffed with all the solids from a bowl of Vietnamese Pho noodle soup. Serve with the usual Asian accompaniments. Remember: Anything in the Burrito family is born to be dipped!

On my menu today

Bulgogurrito: Korean barbecue in a burrito. The name, from world renowned Korean Bulgogi style barbecue withg its trademark marinade and sauce. And I like the sound of ‘Bulgogurrito’. Think Korean pork (or beef) barbecue, with Kimchi, spicy Asian Slaw, or hot pepper-marinated cucumbers.

Sushurrito and Sashurrito: Shrimp or Salmon Sushi rolled in sticky rice before rolling in the burrito. For the Sashimi, use the best, freshest fish you can find; Salmon and tuna are classic, but you can also try mackerel, yellowtail, shrimp, scallops, clams and octopus and stay traditional. And don’t forget the thinly-sliced Daikon radish, minced ginger and Japanese greens. Make sure you have light soy sauce and Wasabi on the side for dipping.

Ramurrito: Did you guess? Fully cooked Ramen bowl ingredients, drained of liquid in a sieve, and arranged thus on the tortilla: Noodles first, then the meat and finally the veggies. Light Soy on the side for dipping is a must.

Tandurrito: Go spicy with Tandoori Chicken and Kachumber (Cucumber) salad on a bed of steamed Basmati Rice. Serve with lots of cool, tangy Raita (yogurt) sauce on the side for dipping.

Reuburrito: All the good stuff from the famous sandwich layered on a large flour tortilla. Start with the Swiss cheese and Corned Beef, then add the sauerkraut and dressing. Use a multi-grain, whole-grain tortilla for the supreme Reuburrito experience!

Pizzurritto: What it says. pile all your fave Pizza toppings on a generous bed of shredded mozzarella or cheddar cheese and roll so that the cheese forms a layer all around the other fillings on the inner surface of the tortilla (see photo, top of page). Mic or press this one longer than you might some of the other  on this list, to ensure that everything is warmed through to a nice piping sizzle, and the cheese is melted to gooey drippiness.

Cassurrito: The French classic bean casserole Cassoulet: Poultry, sausage, pork and beans baked slow and low until the meat falls apart and the beans absorb the classic flavours of garlic, nutmeg and salt pork.

Sauerrito: Germany’s famus Sauerbraten – long marinated, low and slow cooked Beef pot roast – rolled up with Späzle dumplings. Serve a big bowl of the luscious, tangy gravy along side for dipping.

Moussakurrito: A great Greek change-up from the usual pita-wrapped Gyros! This one is stuffed with Fried Eggplant, Potatoes and a rich spicy tomato-meat sauce, topped with a thick Béchamel.

Currurrito: Is it Asian? Not really: It’s the UK’s favourite Indian curry takeaway – Butter Chicken (or if you prefer, Tikka Masala) on a bed of steamed Basmati Rice.

Getting the idea?

Giving almost any leftover dish the ‘burrito’ treatment is a surefire way to up-cycle it into something fresh and exciting. It takes only a little imagination and daring-do to adapt anything (except maybe soup) to the classic grab-and-go format.

With the exception of the Sushi and Sashimi variants, all the burritos suggested above should be heated up in the microwave or Pannini press just before serving. And go easy on any sauce you plan to place inside a burrito: you don’t want to risk the tortilla getting soggy and losing its structural integrity, or leaking all over your diners.

The moral to this story…

Everything is better wrapped in a flour tortilla!

~ Maggie J.