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Bonus Post: The Full Menu At McD’s New CosMc’s

A bare week ago, we reported that McDonald’s was getting ready to open the first location of its long-rumoured spin-off, CosMc’s. Now the place is open, and we’ve got the official lowdown on the CosMc’s menu. Something old, something new, something borrowed…

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It’s just like the old rhyme about what a bride has to wear to ensure good luck on her wedding day: ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…’

The food…

CosMcs Food Menu - © 2023 McDonalds

It’s a sexy, streamlined menu, designed to make order fulfillment as fast and accurate as possible. And the overall concept emphasizes takeout, delivery and drive-though. CosMc’s features the latest in digital technology. Including, we assume, a certain amount of automation and AI.

As for the menu itself: The ‘Twist Cone’ soft serve item qualifies as ‘something old’. The Tex-Mex-themed burger and bacon sandwiches definitely qualify as ‘something new’. And CosMc’s has borrowed the Egg McMuffin slate and a trio of McFlurrys directly from the parent resto’s roster.

The beverages

It’s definitely a bev-heavy menu. For ‘something blue’, you could tab the Blueberry Ginger Boost or the Blackberry Mint Green Tea. But that’s just one of more than a dozen drinks on a menu emphasizing fruit flavours and fancy coffees.

CosMcs Bev Menu - © 2023 McDonald's

My take

CosMc’s menu has come out pretty much as expected. Kudos to CosMc’s for offering ‘all day’ breakfast, even if it is just McMuffins. But they do represent the best of the McBreakfast menu, IMHO.

I’m especially curious about the new sandwiches. Are they full-sized, or sliders – as the square buns suggest? I’m disappointed that CosMc’s has opted for little ‘Hash Brown bites’, rather than importing the full-sized Hash Browns from the McDonald’s menu. The new-ish, larger, crispier McD’s Hash Browns are currently one of my fave menu items there.

I can take or leave the new McPops, the Brownie and the Cookies. And I’m left wondering if the Pretzel Bites are soft and chewy in the centre, or hard and crunchy?

The biggest question remains: Will the soft serve machine work?

One way or another, the CosMc’s menu has at least one food and one bev item to entice just about all of us. And, as of this date, it’s probably the fastest Fast Food proposition for folks who need to get through the line in a hurry.

~ Maggie J.