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Golden Arches Spins-Off CosMc’s: New ‘Youth’ Vibe?

McDonald’s has dabbled in spin-offs in the past. Also in collaborations with other, non-burger Fast Food operations. But none of those efforts paid off. Now, McD’s is creating its own spin-off resto – CosMc’s. The concept is a little bit vintage McD’s – and a lot new…

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From the cracks that corporate intel occasionally falls through… A leak about a new McDonald’s resto brand: CosMc’s. It’s named after a youth-oriented promo concept character from the 1980s that never achieved the same immortality as other McMascots such as the Hamburglar and Grimace. CosMc was, in fact, a space alien come to Earth. He looked, basically, like a canister vacuum cleaner with Keds-clad feet.

The identity

CosMc’s is identified primarily by the famous McDonald’s Golden Arches. But this time, they’re decked out on a background of blue.

The resto itself – as shown from a distance in photos taken by an eagle-eyed Twitter (X) denizen – has a building footprint larger than the latest version of the McDonald’s ‘Resto of the Future’ concept, but smaller than a traditional McD’s. X-reporter Iman Jalali also says the lot plan layout emphasizes drive-through, take-out and delivery service.

The menu

But the menu is where the real change-up comes in. Jalali snapped photos of the new CosMc’s menu while loitering near the very first such store,  which is yet to officially open.

The concept is being launched in Bollingrbook, IL ,” reporterd Jalali, “It’s not open yet, and there was a full team of actors in the drive thru filming a commercial so the menu was up and I was able to snap a few pics from afar. It’s a mix of A LOT of new drink offerings and an all-day breakfast menu of new items too.”

The menu also listed a number of new sandwiches and stacked burgers, as well as slushies, frappées, juices, and more.

What it all means

Simply, McDonald’s is launching a new resto brand identity to offer the keystone menu selections of the original. But it’s also showcasing stuff its competitors have been offering – the stuff that’s been selling well for the other guys. What an insidious way to undermine the competition: You become them!

Instead of pushing your way into the enemy’s market space, you offer the best of their stuff and draw customers out of their space.

The rationale?

We’ve seen indications over the past couple of years that the Fast Food chains are all headed in the same direction, updating their business models. Smaller store footprints, on smaller real estate footprints. Fewer employees. More automation and AI. Service optimized for take-out, delivery and drive-through action.

It seems clear from Jalali’s report that at least some of those principles will be incorporated in CosMc’s inaugural roll-out: “Four drive thru lanes to boot.”

My take

As usual, McDonald’s, the chain that made fast Food huge and global, is taking the lead in the new Fast Food era. I’ll be really interested to see if the Golden Arches can make a serious impact on the competition with its largely-copy-cat CosMc’s menu.

In the meantime, we’ll await word from Chicago that CosMc’s has actually opened. And then we’ll see how their versions of the competition’s customer faves go over with the public…

~ Maggie J.