Easy-Bake Oven

You’ve almost certainly seen the news story about 13-year-old McKenna Pope and her petition at change.org asking Hasbro, maker of the iconic Easy-Bake Oven, to provide a gender-neutral version of the toy. She says the toy repels boys because it comes only in “girl colours”.

Running with the Bulls - Pamplona

The current leading theory purporting to explain why people like spicy foods would have us believe that we love to hurt ourselves. Really. But researchers at Pen State University are taking a more positive approach…

Chicken Stock - on the simmer...

Great sauces grow from great stocks! Whether it’s meat, poultry, fish, or veggie, stock is the aromatic backbone of the the lion’s share of the classic French “Mother” sauces. Stocks also provide the liquid context within which many great soups write their epic flavour stories…

It all started this past August when Pizza Hut Canada started talking about a then-hypothetical “Pizza Perfume” on its Facebook page. Thousands of Pizza Hut Facebook Friends “Liked” the idea and it went viral … in a stealthy sort of way.

Gravy Boat - www.wendycantcook.blogspot.ca

While some professionals make creating the Perfect Sauce a lifetime pursuit, you can explore the wonderful world of sauces in your own kitchen with ingredients and tools you probably already have on hand.

Asian Soup

I say “pan-Asian” because this quick soup, based on Miso (fermented Soy paste), is a basic recipe you can whip up in minutes and turn into almost any Asian culinary cultural experience you wish, simply by choosing the right supporting ingredients.