When I woke up this morning, it was -4C outside my bedroom window. Soup season has definitely arrived! And fall squash and root veggies are front and centre in the pantry.

There’s nothing more delectable than a bite or two of light, flaky, buttery pastry at the end of a good meal! But to make pastry that turns out beautiful every time, you need to know how pastry works…

There is truly no substitute for real Italian Pepperoni on a classic pizza or in a great calzone.

So… We’ve added 100 per cent all-beef Pepperoni to our menu of classic Sausages!

It’s Squash Season!

Once you bake off a squash in a slow oven with the right basic seasonings, you can enjoy it in any number of delicious ways…

I’ll bet you saw the big headlines recently, on TV and on the Web, that, “one pork growers’ association is warning of a dramatic shortfall on pork production starting early in 2013.” That understandably translates to a pork shortage.