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Supermarket Dirty Tricks: Product Downsizing

Okay… So you’re at the supermarket, going down your list. You get to the Meat Department and you bee-line it for the Hot Dogs and Bacon. It’s confusing enough that Hot Dogs now come in so many sizes and package weights. But, then, you discover that, Honey! They’ve shrunk the Bacon!

Mediterranean Mysteries: Risotto

Here’s the Italian version of an elegant, flavourful, creamy side dish that most folks think is difficult and time consuming to prepare. Most folks also think there are manifold Chefly secrets involved in creating the perfect Risotto. But I’m going to show you how it’s really done – and in under 25 minutes!

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Supermarket Dirty Tricks: Meat Label Meddling

It’s been all over the news this past week – in my town, anyway. What I’ve long suspected has been confirmed. Some supermarkets are re-wrapping and re-dating their fresh meat and poultry products. That’s not only extremely unhealthy – it’s completely illegal!

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Mediterranean Mysteries: Couscous

As Pasta is to Italy, as Rice is to Asia and Spain, and Potatoes are to Europe and the New World, so Couscous is to the people of the Western Mediterranean, most especially, North Africa. And this simple, delicious peasant food staple has its own unique secrets for you to discover!

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MediFood News: Coffee May Combat Obesity!

Okay. Right off the top, I’ll re-assert my skepticism about so-called miracle cures for things like Cancer and Arthritis. And ‘miracle’ foods that claim they can make you smarter. But I thought it worthwhile to mention a new, low-key finding about links between Coffee and Obesity…

Mediterranean Mysteries: Tsatziki

Can there be any dish that is more a trademark of Greek cuisine than the ubiquitous Yoghurt sauce known as Tzatziki? As much a treat as a staple at the Greek dining table, it is at once an elegant accompaniment to any Greek feast (alongside fresh Pitas) and a breeze to make…

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