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McDonald’s Lays it’s Future on the Line…

The world’s first and still most dominant fast food chain, McDonald’s, last week laid out its plans aimed at maintaining it’s ascendency in the marketplace., A few we’ve heard murmurs of before, but now it’s all on the table. The question is: Will the new McPlan snap McD’s out of the doldrums?

Is Ice Cream an Edangered Species?

I’ve just read an online article lamenting the fact that Ice Cream sales in Canada have dropped by almost half since 2004. There are apparently lots of reasons for that, but the post misses the one I think is most responsible for diners – particularly young ones – turning away from Ice Cream…

Milk: Controversy, Cover-up, Conspiracy!

I thought I’d just about heard it all, with crazy food conspiracy theories. Then, I read the recent article by Anne Kingston in Maclean’s that alleges Milk is bad for you and that the Dairy Industry has colluded and conspired for decades to make us think its products are essential to our diets…

Dr. Oz Lashes Back at Critics

Just an update on the Oust Oz campaign at Colombia University Medical School… After several days consideration, the media medico has issues a public counter-smear of at least some of the the fellow Columbia faculty members who, last week, petitioned the med school to boot out Oz…

Burbon Theft Ring Busted in Kentucky

Not one but two organized crime stories dealing with precious liquids surfaced in the Food News sphere this week. The first, a rehash of the Bogus Olive Oil scam, seemed like old news. But the other – involving barrels and barrels of top-notch Kentucky Bourbon – got a lot of people talking!

Celebrate Your Birthday Like Royalty!

A former Chef to Queen Elizabeth II has revealed the ‘family’ Chocolate Cake recipe Her Majesty has requested for her birthday every year since she was 9 years old. It’s not hard to make and it’s very rich… And it may be just the thing to make you feel like royalty next time you celebrate!

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